Accused & Threatened –

Well, this blog never ceases to amaze me.

A woman named Dorothy Miller has just posted a very aggressive and threatening comment, accusing me of spying on you all, and tracking you.

I’ve not heard from this Dorothy Miller before. I’ve done a search of all 9,000 comments made on this blog, and this is the first time she’s appeared.

Here’s what she said, in case you mised it –


On the last 3 visits to this blog my McAfee internet security 2014 alarm bells went off. According to the McAfee internet security application, you are including hidden malware and spyware within your postings.

If so, why are you tracking and spying on your visitors to this website?

If you’re unwilling/unable to give me a plausible explanation, in public, then you will leave me with no other choice than to post these allegations, including screenshots, on Ivar’s Camino blog to warn potential visitors coming to this blog.
I got directed to your weblog from your postings on Ivar’s Camino blog, so I think he should become aware of these disturbing issues.


So she’s not only accusing me of using malware to spy on you, she’s also threatening to go to Ivar’s forum and announce to all the folks there that I’m a scoundrel using malware to spy and track you.

For a start, why would I do that? This WordPress blog, like every WordPress blog, has inbuilt software that gives me data of how many visits the blog has had each day, what posts are most visited, etc.

WordPress call this “Stats,” and it’s an inbuilt function of every WordPress blog.

This is no different from Google Analytics, which anyone who has a website uses as a matter of course. So if I already have this function built into the blog, as supplied by WordPress, then why would I need separate spyware?

And why would this Dorothy Miller suddenly appear on this blog out of the blue and make such aggressive accusations and threats?

Is she part of this “Satan” mob that’s trying to destabilise this blog?

I notice that Brendan, who is a regular here, has responded that he has two different computers running two different systems, both with security software that is highly sensitive to malware etc, and he hasn’t had a problem.

Can I ask all of you, have any of you had a similar problem to what this Dorothy lady is complaining about? If so, then please let me know immediately and I’ll check it out.

If not, then I would say that Dorothy Miller is a “troll,” intent on besmirching me and this blog.

Bill Bennett

78 thoughts on “Accused & Threatened –

  1. No mate – definitely not, never had a problem and don;t think I will. Dorothy may be a little ‘touched’ as my psychiatric nurse friend would say! Keep going but mate the problem with becoming successful is …..well you’re discovering it I think.

    Best to you , Tim


    • Tim –

      you make me smile mate, thank you.

      As Steve so rightly pointed out, I met Ivar in Santiago two weeks ago and we made coffee for over an hour. I could call him and tell him that I have someone trying to discredit me.

      He’s a cool guy – he’ll see through it immediately.



  2. Also, to add Dorothy – can you please send me a screenshot of your malware report? You can send it to:

    If I see this report then I can pass it onto my IT lady for her to investigate, because it will have obviously been put into my blog without my knowledge. And more worryingly, it could be tracking other operations on my computer as well.

    Interestingly, I have the latest version of Kaspersky on my system, regarded as the best internet security software in the world. It continually updates real time as Kaspersky does, and it hasn’t alerted me to any problems.

    If I don’t get this screen shot of the McAfee report from you, then I can only assume that you are not telling the truth, and are trying to publicly discredit me.

    Over to you Dorothy. I await your response.



  3. Have followed your blog since you were walking in Spain and never had an issue. Seems there are a few ‘ interesting characters’ of late popping up- charge on with your blog regardless.


    • Thank you Carla –

      I’ve asked Dorothy to send me a screenshot of the McAfeee security report.

      If she’s genuine, then she’ll do that. If she’s a troll, then she won’t.

      We’ll know soon enough.

      Thank you for your support!



  4. Bill,
    I agree with Tim once your blog grows in popularity these types of things unfortunately occur. I think Satan discovered you had a sensitive button to press when it came to Sister Claire and well now all sort of strange things are happening. Seems to me someone is just trying to get you to react.
    I sincerely hope you will get past all of this crap and don’t let these sort of things lead you to shutting down the blog. In my eyes (and I consider myself outside your immediate circle although I’ve followed your blog since you were on the Camino) your blog has not lost credibility. As time passes you will see this whole ordeal will be an experience thankfully put to rest in the past.
    Marta U.


      • Bill,

        Entrepreneur that you are with a specialty in showbiz, have you considered opening a comedy shop and inviting all of these clowns that you now attract? 🙂


        • haha –

          well, let’s assume for a moment that Dorothy is real – then if she sends me a screenshot of the malware report, then I will follow up.

          But if I don’t hear from her again, then I will only assume that she is a troll.

          A comedy shop? It would be better named a sanatorium



  5. Bill did you get my other post or just my p.s.? I posted a previous comment but did not see it. Well in case it got lost… I was echoing Tim in that these things happen when you grow in popularity. Looks like someone is just trying to get you to react. I hope you don’t let them get to you and continue with this blog. In my eyes your reputation or your blog has not been tarnished.


    • Hi Carla –

      it got caught in the spam filter. Released now.

      Thank you for saying what you’ve said.

      I guess this is all part and parcel of being public, and having opinions



  6. I’ve had no problems with your blog either. So sorry for the stress this is causing you! Blessings!


  7. You obviously are doing something right, buddy. Forgive me, but I just broke out laughing when I read this. Sad souls. Bazaar behavior. Pray for them people, and then ignore the idiots.

    Love you all…..truly………


  8. Hello Bill,
    I too have been following your blogs since you first stepped onto the Camino. I have McAfee and have never had any problems at all.
    On the Forum I did come across a few spam postings but they stopped soon after.
    As the saying goes :”bad things come in threes”, so you should be good now.
    Please continue your blogs, they are so very entertaining.


  9. Hello Bill,
    I too have been following your blog since you first stepped onto the Camino.
    I have McAfee and have never had anything happen.
    Tracking and spying on us??? OMG where do you find the time?
    You clearly have way too much time on your hands, LOL!!!
    But just in case you are spying, I’m going to make sure I am properly dressed and my hair is coiffed before sitting in front of the computer. 🙂

    Please continue to entertain and inspire us Bill,

    Sonia from snowy Ottawa


    • Hi Sonia –

      snowing in Ottawa? How wonderful!

      Yes, just imagine what I’d do with all that information!

      Dorothy has now disappeared, just like Satan. I don’t know what these people hope to achieve by posting these mischievous comments.

      I asked her to send me a screenshot of the malware report.

      Nothing. Zip.

      Waste of her time, really. But it’s given some amusement here. So that’s not such a bad thing…



  10. Bill,

    It is such a sad thing – These people who are not active on the blog or in the forum, find it necessary to sling mud and threaten you.

    But know this, the regulars, the PGS family are here and we all enjoy interacting on this blog.

    Julie put it so succinctly when she said “ignore the idiots”, you just gotta love that Julie!



  11. Bill,

    I have a friend who always starts off the crazy stories of things happening in her life with “You just can’t make up this shit……”

    Well, I will be taking my tablet with me when I leave for London on Wednesday. Every day these blog posts get better and better – I simply will not miss a single post, I may not comment, but I’ll be reading along.

    I didn’t miss a post all the time I was walking the Camino either. I’m hooked, I have been following your blog from the beginning of your Camino and will continue. I love it, I love my PGS siblings and I love you – Don’t ever stop please!



    • haha – Arlene, you make me laugh.

      Thank you.

      I guess it is crazy. It’s real life, and real life is crazy!

      You’ll have such fun in London. It’s beautiful this time of the year heading into Christmas. All the wonderful stores with their window displays on Regent Street.

      You’ll have a great time!



  12. Seems to me Bill that there are a lot of people out there with their own egos and agendas. Methinks some are rather jealous of you and the success of your blog. I found your blog in June when I was researching how to create one for my own Camino, and I think it is a great forum for thought and comment. It certainly guided me in the creation of my blog. I met a few of your followers on the Camino – hi Anne Maddock, hi Carla, and was only a week ahead of Arlene – and have always enjoyed the camarderie, the banter and the humour. As Carla said, charge on! Peter


    • Thanks Peter!

      I’m not sure what “success” with a blog means though – because I just post each day, and there’s no commercial gain or long term commercial agenda with this blog.

      I can’t monetize it in any way.

      But I do see it as a living breathing entity, made up of the people who come here regularly, and sometimes not so regularly.

      And it’s healthy in that respect, so I guess that’s some kind of success




      • It doesn’t need to make money to be a success. I think it is a success because of the forum it opens up, the lively debate it prompts, and the friendships that are made along the way (pun intended!). Though I didn’t know Carla as a contributor, Maggie and I sure enjoyed talking to her on the Camino. And We met Anne when staying at the same posada in Rabanal, she also a contributor to my blog, but neither of us knew the other was there until she replied to my blog. So all good stuff really, plenty of positives! Peter


        • Peter –

          yes you’re right. those things do make it successful, I suppose.

          It’s good too in that it’s small – so there’s a level of intimacy and familiarity which makes visiting the blog something convivial.



    • Mike and I followed your blog and enjoyed it Peter! I am thinking we must have found you through this blog. We love to have a camino walker’s blog coming in if we can. We love to recall the places we have already been and look forward to the places we still have to go.
      HOOLY DOOLY!!! haha LOVE it I am stealing it, I am sure my kids are going to think I have gone hillbilly or something. But that can replace so many things!!


  13. Wow, Bill. You have a most interesting CV already, I am sure, but you can now add leader of an international spy circle. That’s impressive! I have often wondered how you have 36 hours in every day. Maybe Superman can be added to the CV also.
    Just to make it more interesting, cult leader should make an appearance.
    What a guy!!

    From my understanding, you were just an ordinary Aussie bloke who went for a long walk in Spain because something or someone urged you to do it. You were open to the Camino, you shared your experience, you said it as it was, warts and all.
    And you have been crucified. Happens to the best, you know.

    As one who has been touched by your honesty, integrity and authenticity, I don’t give a “rats” about what these poor misguided souls do with their spare time. If they were half decent human beings they would do something positive with the skills they have.
    I certainly hope none of them are Australian citizens who are being supported by my taxes!!

    Bill, I once had McAfee on a computer and random messages would come up about what was lurking on my computer. I am sure it was a marketing strategy for upgrades and more money. I moved to a ” fruity” computer and no problems at all.

    Keep up the great work. This blog was been very informative and enlightening, humorous also. I would miss it greatly so keep posting.
    I regard the regulars as “family, in a funny kind of way”. It was members of this blog who encouraged me and kept me going whilst on the Camino, not my own extended family. Thanks everyone. Hello Maggie and Peter.



    • Hi Anne –

      you summed up pretty accurately how I got here. I has an irrational need to walk the Camino. I was not Catholic nor religious. I went through some life changes. And I wrote about it as honestly and openly as I could. I never set out to have a regular blog – this has just kind of happened.

      I like you guys here. That’s the thing. That’s really why I keep posting stuff. Because I regard you as dear friends, and mates.

      And also it keeps me limber… and I have fun here. The Driving Pilgrim post was a hoot. I enjoyed that. And I’m pleased that it gave some amusement to some on the blog too.

      So thank you for saying what you did Anne – and I hope we get to meet soon.



      • Bill, I hope we can meet soon also. The December and January meetings for the Sydney group just don’t work for me. I am planning a few days in Sydney in mid January, to attend uni summer school. Need to get this degree out of my way so I can then begin planning my doctorate. It will take several years.
        If you will be in town, let me know. You have my email.

        Still waiting on the Flying Pilgrim Post. ✈ ✈


  14. Bill:

    I suggest that this attack was a “false flag” effort, likely intended to get you to do something drastic. Over the past several months I have been following your blog and participating in the Forum, I have never had any blink or hint of a problem with your site. I run state-of-the art protective measures (have done for more than 20 years). I would KNOW if there were a problem on your end. Insofar as I can determine you are clean.

    Also, the dialog, pace, meter and word choice in the incoming message from “Dorothy Miller” looks suspiciously like our old friend Sister Clare. Hence my intimation of a false flag attack. This is not a formal opinion, just an assessment of the facts.

    I would make a couple of suggestions that might help contain this issue.

    1. Send a private e-mail to Ivar to explain that you have been having ongoing problems with one of your blog forum members. Just categorize the issues as integrity and tone related. Tell Ivar all the aliases the woman has used to date, and all the names you have for her. Ask Ivar to flag and isolate any postings from this person, under any name, and to contact you. Clearly, whoever it is is seeking to poison the proverbial well for all of this. We need to prevent this in the most kind way we can.

    2. Do NOT close this blog or forum down. This too shall pass…

    So endeth my epistle for today.

    Best regards to all

    Tom Turtle


    • Tom,

      Sister Clare made a mistake in lying to Bill. We all know that. She has paid a huge price for it, but I do not think she holds personal grievances against him. She has contributed a lot to this blog and given a lot of herself to it. The aftermath is sad.

      I communicate with her behind the blog from time to time and have done so since way before this ever came about. Bill is completely aware of my communications with Sister. We have discussed them.

      Please refrain from disparaging her, and I take “looks suspiciously like our old friend Sister Clare” as disparaging. Is she your old friend? Have you ever had direct contact with her? Do you have some particular insights that would make you say that? If so, I will stand corrected. I am not a “supporter” of Sister’s conduct and she knows it. What she did was awful. Why she did it, only she knows. She knows because I have told her, that she brought it upon herself. Bill has told her. Probably knows it intuitively.

      Sincerely, Steve


    • Tom – I’m about to go out on a training walk. I was going to leave a reply until I got back, but I notice Steve has replied (thank you Steve) and just thought I’d put down some thoughts myself.

      Firstly thank you for posting this comment. I know you don’t post very often, yet you’ve been around the blog and the forum for some time. So I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to write this post.

      And I know you do so because of your concern, and your desire to help.

      Can I ask – do you have specific knowledge in this area on cyber-stalking, cyber-fraud etc? Because I’ve not heard of this “false flag” term before, and it seems like it might be a term specific to malicious online behaviour. I’d be really intrigued to know what the term means.

      As for “our dear friend Sister Clare,” I too have been looking at phrasing, use of words, the underlying tone etc of the posts of Satan and”Dorothy” – whom I never heard back from by the way. As soon as I asked her to post a screenshot of the alleged malware report, she disappeared.

      Funny about that.

      But back to Sister Clare – it might be, but I personally doubt it. And in the end I don’t care. I’m not going to waste any more of my time on this. I really don’t care who is behind these ambushes. As someone said (jetlag, I forgot who!), they’re merely bed-bugs.

      And I won’t bother Ivar with this whole issue, because I see it as a non-issue. If it escalates, and my name is publicly maligned, then I’ll bring in my US attorneys at Loeb & Loeb. I’m fortunate in that I have as my attorney one of their senior partners – he’s been my legal representation now for over 20 years – and I’ll leave it to him to deal with it. They love handling defamation and slander cases.

      If it shifts across into any kind of criminal behaviour, then I’ll inform the appropriate authorities in the US – the FBI cyber units.

      At the moment though it’s nothing more than a nuisance. Bed bugs.

      I very much appreciate your taking the effort to write and give me this advice. I also appreciate Steve too swinging in to the “defence” of Sister Clare. It’s a complex situation, which I’m sure you’re aware, and it has born some sensitivities.

      But it seems like you have informed knowledge of these kind of online situations, and if so I would be keen to hear more. You can contact me privately if you wish on

      Although now I’m about to go out for a training walk. Today, on Julian’s advice, I’m wearing black panty-hose – to stop the abrasion from my brace.

      I wonder what the folks in Mudgee are going to think of that?!



        • Donna,

          I was going to let that slide myself, but now you have brought it back to the forefront……..

          I just can’t get my mind around my friend and mentor wearing panty hose. And for God’s sake if he has that proclivity, need he make it public? My mind has glimpses of that image, but I quickly dismiss them. Not nude panty hose, black panty hose. My goodness.

          No subtlety there. Well, let’s pray for him and hope he does not wear them in Portugal. We must remember we take our friends where they are.

          I am sorry you reminded me of it. I had made every effort to dismiss the comment. What a strange family we are.



        • haha –

          the panty hose actually works a treat.

          Those on the tour will get to witness first hand me wearing black panty-hose.

          Worth the price of admission alone!!




  15. I scrolled down the thread to suggest that Dorothy didn’t answer because she either lost her magic red slippers or made it back to Kansas but then somewhere along this thread the whole topic and tone changed. Panty hose? Fishnet? Maybe instead of going back to Kansas, Dorothy has pulled everyone here into OZ, and with such happy frivolity all around. First came the Camino road, then the blog and web threads and now the comes the Yellow Brick Road with evil witches and merry Munchkins and more. Yeah, I know, I’m pushing it. Happy days.


    • Barbara – the blog got a bit silly there. As it sometimes does. Which is what makes this place so enjoyable – you never know what you’re going to get!!



  16. No honey I know Gay men, there are no true Metro sexual straight guys in PS, that is why I live here!! Lol. Believe me, Bill, I tried to metro-sexualize, my cowboy but he just wasn’t having it!! Xoxo


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