9 thoughts on “The best Portuguese chicken in the world…

  1. Looks so yummy, do I see only the legs and backs, but no breast? Wouldn’t be as juicy I guess. How is your knee holding up, now that you are torturing the car. 😉


  2. So I guess that would be so much better than the bit of chicken I bought today whilst I was at the Mall, ‘caus I was very hungry after a serious work-out at the gym? For a foodie this is a very hard blog to read. You know being envious, etc, etc but I guess I should just be glad that lovely people like you and Jennifer get to try those experiences for the rest of us tied down to our mundane lives…. sigh!! 🙂 So, by all means, keep eating, enjoying and blogging 🙂


  3. Ahh Bill, you’re doing a fine job of coaxing me into booking on your tour next year!

    You had me a couple of weeks ago at the meer mentioning of Portuguese chicken!

    Then, my wife found out her teaching contract of 5 years is not being renewed for 2014 and the trip seemed to be slipping out of reach.

    Now, my long time friend and hiking buddy, Donna has booked to do the tour and I just can’t let her do it before me!

    And now you’re tempting me to the point where my thoughts are 24/7 either Camino or Portugese chicken!!!

    That first photo of all the chickens cooking on the BBQ had me sniffing the iPad!

    Then, the next photo of the chicken with all those golden fries almost had me licking the screen!

    Do you think you could sneak a portion back to Oz in your carry on luggage?


  4. Hey Bill,

    Yesterday my dog, Bubbie, and i attended the “syrup festival” here in our small town. They celebrate the age old tradition of making cane syrup, but mostly they just have a good time with all the booths you would see at any street fair. Doesn’t take much to have a party here. 🙂

    Well, i am here to tell you I had the best “gator on a stick” i have ever eaten. Of course it was the only one i had ever eaten. I thought i should take a picture for your food blog, but ate it before i could get my camera out, but know i was thinking of you. Seriously. I dont think you have that delicacy on the blog yet, do you?


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