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I am now starting to catch up on entries to my Road Food blog.

Jennifer and I, when we left Mudgee, took a detour on the way to the airport and drove through those parts of the Blue Mountains at the back of Sydney that had been ravaged by the recent bushfires.

We came across a cafe, high on a ridge, and stopped in. As it turned out, this cafe became the epicentre of the fires – and for five intense days the owners looked after all the crews and media by feeding them, and making them coffees.

Amazing people. Very humble, self deprecating – real Aussies.

I’ve posted their story here –

I will now start to catch up on some of the food stories on this trip, including London and now Arcos, at the start of our Portuguese adventure.

Bookmark the Road Food blog, because I think there will be some interesting stuff come up on this trip, and on my travels generally. The blog is not so much about the food, but the unique stories BEHIND the food, and the experience of finding and enjoying the food.

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7 thoughts on “Road Food blog

  1. PS, I get that I could just Google Monkey Creek, but I’d rather have directions from someone who has been there; if that’s not asking too much πŸ™‚


    • Hey Britta – if you’re coming from Mudgee, as you MUST! , then turn off onto the Bells Line of Road at Lithgow and head towards Richmond. The cafe is about 8kms I guess on that road, on the right hand side heading towards Sydney – but it’s very easy to miss because it is a small dirt entrance. It’s well worth stopping in there. Bill


      • UGH, Bells Line of Road is somewhere I try not to go, but to have a look at that building, I’ll obviously have to slacken my principles!! Thanks for the directions πŸ™‚


        • I don’t like going that way either, but it’s worth the stop.

          Heading from Sydney towards Lithgow, it’s about 8kms from Lithgow.

          Really gorgeous people there – good energies.



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