What the nerve doc said…

I went back to the Neurologist today – a follow up to a previous visit concerning the numbness in my left foot.

The numbness developed during the Camino – and it was worrying. Tests revealed that it was due to an impaction on the S1 nerve from my spine.

Today the neurologist put me through further tests, and the numbness has all but gone. He could not explain why it happened in the first place, and he said there was no medical reason why I could not walk the Portuguese Camino next April – assuming my right knee behaves itself!

But it was good news.

Jennifer and I then found a Columbia hiking store that had everything marked down 50%. Jennifer bought a terrific pair of boots for our scout in Portugal in two weeks, plus a warm rain jacket. I bought two Columbia hiking shirts, the super-duper hi tech sort, for $50 each.

The trip down to Sydney through the fire ravaged Blue Mountains earlier that morning had been uneventful. Lots of fire trucks, some smoking woods here and there, but nothing like the hellfire that the media had been predicting. Thankfully.

In fact, the roads were all but empty. A trip that usually takes us nearly 4hrs took us a little over 3hrs. Everyone was hunkering down, not driving on the roads.

This afternoon I met with the head of the post production house that will be investing in the picSeeder winner – the online film competition Jennifer and I launched earlier this year.

It looks like they'll be investing about half a million dollars into the picture, to have it completed for the Cannes Film Festival next May. I will be an Executive Producer, and my company picSeeder will have a front presentation credit on the movie.

The film is chaming and innocent and an eye-popping piece of cinema. I'm thrilled that this crazy competition that Jen and I launched while I was walking the Camino will now have a major boost – and that the filmmaker after 8 years of toiling on his passion project, will get a huge leg-up into the industry.

While i was at the meeting, Jennifer saw GRAVITY, in 3D on an IMAX screen. Like me, she was blown away. She came out of the movie though with a very interesting take on the underlying themes – female skewed stuff that I had largely missed. Her understanding of story leaves me in the shade often.

Tonight we'll have dinner with all our children. That will be a special time. It normally only happens at Christmas.

Here is a photo of our daughter, Nellie. She has only recently returned from Spain where she lived and worked for about six years. Her book, ONLY IN SPAIN, is being published in North America in spring next year.



19 thoughts on “What the nerve doc said…

  1. Wow Bill. You fit so much into a day. I’m sure you have more hours than the rest of us.

    Everything you have written about is good news. The gods must be smiling.

    Nellie is beautiful.



    • Haha – well today was a bit busy, I have to admit, but not every day is like that! Fortunately!

      Tomorrow I’m looking forward to seeing CAPTAIN PHILLIPS and PRISONER. Then Jen and I drive back to Mudgee.

      I love coming to Sydney to see movies!



        • Hi Donna –

          CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is a terrific piece of work.

          Tom Hanks’s performance will probably snag him an Oscar nom. Paul Greengrass should definitely get one for Best Director.

          PRISONERS should have been consigned to TV. in fact, TV is making these kind of thrillers/dramas better than what we saw today.

          Gravity is still me top film of the year so far, but I haven;t seen 12 YEARS A SLAVE yet, which is meant to be very good.

          Hope that helps!



  2. Nellie is gorgeous. She looks like a movie star from days gone bye. Great photo. Glad the news is good re numbness. Enjoy your time with your kids. Ingrid


    • Thanks Ingrid, yes Nells has a very classic appearance. She is quite a character. Her book is very smart and she has a tart eye.

      I’m sitting at the table tight now enjoying the kid’s banter. Sometimes it’s wonderful being a parent.



      • … and they don’t complain that they don’t have your full attention?!!
        Good to hear the drive was OK and that you’ve got some good news health-wise. Now I guess, it’s time to check to see if it can all come together on some training walks – I wish you luck πŸ™‚


        • Thanks Britta –

          so over dinner, all the childhood traumas emerged – you know, things that I did as a father that has scarred them forever.

          Evidently the big one was this: They loved Jim Carrey but I would never let them watch The Cable Guy because I told them it was a badly made film.

          They snuck out and watched it anyway, but they have harboured that resentment to me all this time!!!

          (I was right – it IS a badly made film…!)




      • Well, don’t actually know about that particular Jim Carrey film, but I’ve never liked him as an actor, nor any of his films … just rubs me the wrong way or something, so I’d be fine with telling anyone not to watch it!!


  3. Hi Bill,

    Great news about the numbness! And thank goodness the drive there was without incident.

    I will need to find one of those super hiking wear sales, after two Caminos all of my stuff needs burning. It surely is time for gear replacement.

    I must agree with Ingrid and Donna, Nellie is absolutely gorgeous, she has such a classic beauty.



    • Thanks Arlene re Nells.

      That was part of a photo shoot for the release of her book.

      She is one of these people who has a particular facility with languages.

      She’s a very fine writer too.

      That Columbia store sale was unbelievable. The whole shop was half price.

      I also bought an Icebreaker top – 50% off. Full merino. That will be coming with me on this next trip.



  4. Nellie is gorgeous, Bill! Glad to hear all of your great news from the neurologist. You are going to love your Icebreaker shirt. I took my Icebreaker shirt and leggings on my short Camino. I wore them more than anything. Hugs to you and Jen. Can’t wait to read Nell’s’ book! Julie


    • Thanks for all that Julie –

      Yes, I already have some icebreaker stuff, and on the rare occasions I see it heavily discounted, I try and pick up what I might need.

      On my walk in April / May, I wore constantly two Icebreaker long sleeve 200gm weight tops. They were warm of a morning, and kept me cool later in the day. Quick to dry, they were magic.

      New Zealand has something else going for it other than it’s rugby team!




  5. Bill, I agree with the rest, Nellie does have a very classic good looks. What a beauty.

    Was there any question about you walking the Portugese Camino before going to the nerve doctor. I think not. It does not matter what the nerve doc or the knee doc say, you are going to go, and then go again. When you quit walking, you can ride a horse or a donkey. You might have the worst case I have ever seen.

    Glad you made it through the fire ravaged out back. What an adventurer you are. Adrenaline freak, obviously.

    Back in Texas.



    • Haha – Steve, biggest adventure I’ve had recently is staying in the Gunnedah Motor Inn with fifteen Harley riding bikers!

      Is it good to be back home now that the trip’s done and everything is sorted?



      • Bill, I’m glad to hear you’ll be hobbling along with us in Portugal-(as if there was ever a doubt!)
        And Steve- now that you’re back, could you email me when you’ve got yourself rested? I lost your email and my former tablet has crashed with all my email files. πŸ™‚


  6. Bill, I’m so pleased you got good news from your specialist, but I agree with Steve, nothing will stop you walking the Portugese Camino next year.

    Your daughter is stunning and she must make you so proud to be so talented.

    I apparently scarred my children by making them eat curried egg sandwiches every time we went on a picnic ( I thought they liked them!)


  7. Great news about the foot and nerve issue, Bill. With the knee brace there will be no stopping you now.
    Paddy Palin have a sale on right now also. I wore Icebreaker every day. Swear by these tops.
    Agree with the other posts. Nellie certainly has a classic beauty.
    Those family dinners are great, aren’t they. They are even more interesting when the partners / spouses are included as the kids become older.
    BTW, I bought the Portuguese guidebook home as a present for my husband!!


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