Tour update

Just to let you know that we have two more confirmed for the Portuguese Camino Tour in April – a Melbourne based couple that I met on the first day of my walk up the Pyrenees, then in Roncesvalles (a wonderful dinner together), then later in Zubiri.

I’m thrilled that they’re coming on the tour.

So we now have 5 confirmed out of the six places allocated for PGS people – Duncan Ford my travel agent has deposits for another two, and he’s confident he has another three who will also commit. If so, that means we now have 10 people out of the 15 required.

If you’re thinking of joining us, I’d suggest you make a decision quickly.

Jennifer and I are doing a full scout of the route in three weeks – arriving in Porto on November 7th, and working our way through to Santiago to check out hotels, restaurants, and the route itself.

I will be blogging during this time to let you know what I find!

Arrow near fort

5 thoughts on “Tour update

    • Congralations? New word, sorry. My keyboard is being strange. Congratulations,is what I intended to say.


      • Yes, they are truly lovely people – Peter and Julie.

        Also, overnight I got word from Marie that we’re going to meet up in Santiago, so that’s fantastic too!



  1. Hi Bill, great for us to be on board and really looking forward to getting to know a group of people who share common values. Cheers, Pete and Julie


    • Peter,

      I’m so thrilled that you and Julie are coming.

      I’m going to look forward to getting to know you both better.

      And yes, already it’s a great group of like-minded folk. It’s going to be fun!



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