Guest blog, anyone?

Today I drive to Boggabilla – about 650 kms.

I'm looking forward to the drive – up through central New South Wales. The route the truckers use when they're moving freight from state to state.

On trips like this I always take my camera – my Nikon, plus kit – but since the Camino I've developed a real antipathy towards the big heavy thing.

I used to love my camera with an unhealthy ardour, but now the sparkle has faded from our relationship. I'm starting to hanker for something a little more… svelte.

The university where I'm an Adjunct Professor wants me to hold a Master Class on Tuesday, for their 2nd and 3rd year film school students. How to have a career in the Film Industry. It should be interesting. I usually learn a lot doing these Master Classes.

Then I have several days of “pitching” sessions – where I have to judge students pitches – the process of trying to convince me, and a couple of other film professionals on the panel, to finance the short film they want to make.

Again I learn a hell of a lot from these kids during these sessions. I find that teaching keeps me in touch with the way young people are thinking – and what's important to them. Teaching keeps me young.

I'm taking my pilgrim principles on this trip – traveling light, and eschewing fancy digs for something a little more “earthy.” So it's dinner tonight at the Wobbly Boot Hotel, Boggabilla. I'm looking forward to it!

So, anyone want to do a guest blog? If so, please send it to me on:

It would be great to get some fresh new perspectives up here. No specific topic. You know the kind of stuff we discuss here…

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