Why isn’t this blog bigger?

One of our regulars, Debbie, asked me this question in a comment – why isn’t this blog bigger?

Well, I don’t actively seek to make it bigger.

I figure the right people will land here when they’re meant to land here. I’m taking a PGS approach to this. If their PGS brings them here, and tells them it’s right for them, then terrific. Similarly, there might be some who check out this blog and it doesn’t call to them. And so they go away. That’s okay too.

This blog is not to everyone’s tastes, I’m sure!

I don’t tag my posts, nor do I employ Search Optimisation techniques to drive traffic to this site. Occasionally I post on Ivar’s forum, when a milestone is reached. I did that yesterday, in his “Blogs and Photos” forum, to let them know we’d clicked over the 100K mark.

But other than that, I take the view that people will find us when they need to find us.

Also, my grand plan for this blog isn’t to get a huge traffic flow then put up advertising. No way. In fact I don’t have a grand plan. I just write here each day, and hope that every now and then something I write about has some relevance.


14 thoughts on “Why isn’t this blog bigger?

      • If you were doing this as a popularity contest and a numbers game it would be a big turn off. I am really glad that is not your style and what your purpose is. If it was you could just go back to Facebook. Keep it authentic Bill. XO


        • Hi Kathryn –

          I prefer to keep this blog small and intimate.

          So that there’s an element of people knowing people, and learning more about each other, and from each other – if that makes sense.

          Growth for the sake of growth doesn’t interest me… Things just get out of hand then, and then you begin to have people slag off at others etc…

          I wouldn’t like it to go that way…



    • Thanks Julie!

      Right at the moment I’m writing a treatment for a movie I want to do about child sex trafficking in South East Asia.

      I’ve optioned a book and I’m working on the structure of the film right now.

      After that, I want to get onto the Camino movie I want to make!



      • So, Bill, what about getting fit to walk again? Where does fit in your list of priorities? πŸ™‚ Having had very little exercise apart from walking for nearly a month, I got into the pool today and nearly drowned, I was that slow! Will be interesting to see how I hold up tomorrow πŸ™‚


        • Yes Britta – that’s a very apt question!

          I’m not nearly as fit as I was before the Camino. I was damn fit then. And I have been walking only spasmodically since, because of this damn knee.

          I’ve been doing yoga, which gives me flexibility and opens up my lungs, but it doesn’t give me fitness.

          Fact is, I’ve been lazy! And I feel dreadful because of it. So your question is very timely – πŸ™‚ – and the nudge I need to get back into it!



  1. Glad to be of service πŸ™‚ but I guess what really matters is whether the knee-guard is going to be enough to get you walking longer distances again. I sincerely hope so for you!


    • Yes – that is the question.

      I haven’t taken it any further than 5kms so far, and it’s been fine at that distance.

      I mowed the lawn wearing it on the weekend – that was good!


      But I do need to increase my mileage, and see how it goes. I want to work towards not needing the brace for the tour next April.

      I’ve got a bit of time to build up strength. πŸ™‚



  2. Here’s a picture for you: the Aussie photographer tour-leader with the wonky knee and the nun getting a ride in the van on the Portuguese Camino!! Judging from this blog, at least you’d never run out of subjects to talk about πŸ™‚


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