Was it worth it?

Today I drove 8 hours to see a movie.

GRAVITY, with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

In 3D, and IMAX

I figured the movie cost me $120 – ticket price, parking, gas, road tolls, meal.

Was it worth it?


It was truly amazing.  A great cinematic experience.

If you go see this movie, see it in 3D. Better still, see it in IMAX.

You will feel as though you’ve spent 90 minutes in space. A terrifying 90 minutes in space!


7 thoughts on “Was it worth it?

  1. I wish Sister and I could see the movie together, as wannabe astronauts.
    GRAVITY is the buzz on all talk shows etc. Amazing how they shot this, Sandra Bullock yesterday brought some back lot photos to view, I can understand why you are so excited Bill. Your brain must have been working overtime while watching. I guess I will drag my husband to it, and listen to his muttering under his breath. He is a stickler for scientifically correctness, no artistic fiber in his mind. 😉


    • I think your husband might get so immersed in this film that he will cease to watch it analytically.

      As for me, I was just in awe of what the director did technically. There’s never been a film like it.

      He did some amazing things in CHILDREN OF MEN. That movie cost a lot and was highly regarded by film buffs, but it made no money.

      This film will make a motza, and will probably win Cuaron an Oscar or two!



  2. Can’t stand 3D, and my sole IMAX experience left me nonplussed.

    Glad you liked it (I’m pretty sure I will too), but for the purposes of spoiler-avoidance, I’m done with this thread … 😀


    • I like the expression… “I’m done with this thread…:)” Ha! I’m learning, I’m learning… Much better than… “This will be my last post.” LOL.


  3. I’m hoping to see Gravity in Manhattan, probably Thursday… I think there’s an IMAX on Broadway and twelfth… Driving down on Tuesday after my Spanish class… Four hours with dogs to Portsmouth, then four more hours to NYC on Wednesday… Eight hour drive, Yo!
    I’ll be measuring a loft for a job and seeing stuff too! And eating at favorite places.


    • Hi Nicole –

      I don’t use this blog to endorse stuff, as you know, however this film is a cracker – and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

      The IMAX cinema was packed yesterday, and everyone seemed to love it. There was clapping at the end, which is unusual in an Australian cinema. We’re usually much more subdued!



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