Kit the Nun update –

Susan has been tirelessly working at kitting out Sister Clare for the Portuguese Camino Tour next April. She’s just posted an update on the forum – here is what’s left:

There are some extraordinarily generous people out there, and Sister, you should know that you are loved and admired… You have a special gift coming to you for this tour too, which Susan has coordinated. A gift from a very generous and kind man.

Susan, you are a marvellous person. Thank you.


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      • Hi Steve –

        anything that you might care to donate to Sister for her tour would be greatly appreciated.

        Check out the link to the forum for a list of what she’s already got, and what is still outstanding.

        The forum won’t bite you — 🙂


        • Bill, Please tell me again how to download from amazon to my iPad. I guess I deleted the email when I cleaned house to have more room.

          In CA. Arrived about 3 this afternoon. Not so bad. Listened to audiobooks most of the way.


          Sent from my iPad


          • Hi Steve – you mean the book?

            It should be in your Kindle library. So if you go to Kindle, it should be there in your library if you bought the book on Amazon.

            Let me know if not…

            How long did the trip from Texas take you?



          • Steve – email me your cellphone number and I’ll give you a call and talk you through the kindle stuff.

            If you bought the book on Amazon, then you would have been reading it on a Kindle app on your iPad.

            If you don’t have a Kindle app, then go to the App Store in iTunes and download it. It’s free. There you’ll find the library. The library is divided into Device, and Cloud. The book is probably in the Cloud, which means you have to download it onto your device, being your iPad. It takes about 20 seconds.



  1. Susan has been kind and absolutely tireless in getting all of this set up for me. I can’t believe the generosity of those who have reached out to help me.Its such an overwhelming feeling to know that people I have never met are moved to care so much -and that they want to see this nondescript little nun have a dream come true -just from the goodness and love in their hearts. I pinch myself every day to think this has happened for me, and I thank God for all of you, especially Susan, who has also blessed my life by becoming my friend. I am so moved, and so grateful for this wonderful family.Thank you all so much!!!!!! 🙂


  2. Dear Sister, the offer of the use of the cell phone is still there, as is the fanny pack. Ingrid


  3. Once Sister is in Europe, she can load her battery. There is some money left on the phone for Spain , but it will work in Portugal too, however that will incur long distance charges, so it is best to get new Prepaid SIM card for Portugal, keep the Spanish one save for use in Spain. When purchasing a new SIM card she will be able to customize her plan. I had low minutes for Spain and my husband could call me from Canada without charge. So I would just call and hang up and that was the signal for him to call back. That worked for us. The same cable that is used to charge the phone (I also will give her the converter for the plugs) also worked on my Camera.

    All instructions of course are in Spanish, so it would help for someone in the group to set it up properly.

    I am hoping to meet up with Sister at some point between now and departure to hand it all over.



  4. Back from sunny Denmark to even sunnier Sydney and trying to catch up on sleep (lost 2 nights along the way – definitely not recommended!!) and now PGS. Would love to contribute with one or more ultralight towels, but don’t know which is the easiest way to get those to Sister. What’s everyone else done? I could so easily buy them here and post directly to Sister Clare. Is that the way to go? And obviously I’m not at the Friends of Camino lunch. Was just too hard to contemplate sharing the city with the odd million or so people who are there for the tall ships and navies of the world get-together and besides I’ll be in The Rocks to go to the theatre tonight. Can’t wait to see if I can stay awake 🙂 – and for those who are not Sydney-siders ‘The Rocks’ is an old, historical part of town, so all the odd million tourists and locals who’d still be congregated there tonight will probably be inebriated too!!


    • Welcome back Britta!

      Susan is coordinating what Sister might require – so just pop over to the forum – which is thankfully spam free now.

      Hope you stay awake!!


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