Tour Update

Update on the Camino Portuguese Tour, in April next year –

Duncan, the tour operator, now has four confirmed. They've put deposits down. This at the $3950 rate.

There are 15 places for the tour. I have allocated 6 at the PGS rate of $2950. Already I have 3 confirmed at that rate. Duncan has 9 places allocated at $3950,

What I will do is this – I will wait until Duncan has sold off his allocation. Once he's filled his 9 places – he only has 5 more spots to fill now – then if the PGS allocation hasn't been taken up, I will then give him the remaining 3 PGS places to sell at the $3950 rate.

Accommodation in Santiago over Easter is incredibly expensive, and the PGS rate is loss trading for the tour.

I don't mean to put the screws on but the cheaper offer has been out there for a while now, and I'm sorry but I have to be practical about this.

So guys, if you're interested, let me know quickly. Because the feedback Duncan is getting from his client base is that this is a very attractive tour at a good price – even at his higher rate.

I'd love to be joined by as many of you as possible. And I know Jennifer and Sister Clare would too…


19 thoughts on “Tour Update

  1. Nothing would make me happier than meeting as many of this family on the tour as possible! I really feel this will be a life changing, joyful experience that will enrich the lives of all of us for a long time to come.And I so look forward to sharing Centering Prayer with all who come, as a way to find a personal, intimate relationship with God. It can transform your life!And as a daily practice, help you to find strength and affirmation within and around you.
    Sister Simon Clare


          • You’re right! I forgot about that. Even if you wear it they can confiscate it. They took my sons wheelchair away when he flew home.


          • So many freedoms taken away in the name of liberty.

            In this country too.

            What I rail against is people in uniforms enforcing mindless rules that make no sense.

            Like taking a wheelchair away from your quadriplegic son.

            That would really rile me, and I would have to invoke all my pilgrim principles to stop from yelling at someone, if that happened in my presence.



          • It was a good thing I was only there on the pick up end. Id have had no problem causing a furor if Id been there when they lifted him out of his custom fitted to suit his disability wheelchair. They took his safety, comfort and dignity for no good reason.!


          • One of the reasons I brought him home was the way severely disabled people are treated by many support workers -as if they aren’t even in the room, or have no thoughts or feelings.when the body stops working. The amount of verbal and physical abuse, and stealing is sickening and unbelieveable.As if being badly disabled is something they chose to become.
            It breaks my heart.


          • Bill, imagine your distress if you saw it happening to your child, on top of the horrific incident that crippled them.!


  2. Hi Bill ,
    first thing I am looking forward to meeting the Psg familly on this tour and I wish the 3 others places will fill up.
    second thing I booked already my favorite hotel in santiago the HOTEL MOURE ,.and a friend of mine is joining me in santiago, if her health will be OK . in which hotel the tour is booked ?
    The Moure is really good, small , modern style, very friendly people, calm location but very closed to the cathedral.


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