PC #127 – About fasting…

I finished my two day water fast this morning –

Two days of just water and Chinese green tea. Last night I watched Anthony Bourdain in Dubai, eating the most glorious food. Man, it was tough!  🙂

(Why did I feel compelled to watch that show last night??)

I weighed myself this morning and in the two days I’ve lost 8.5lbs, or nearly 4kgs. That happens every time I do a two day water fast. I usually lose that amount. It’s largely water, because I’m not ingesting salt, and my body isn’t holding onto water.

I feel great. I don’t feel at all hungry. I could continue this water fast for another 2-3 days without much trouble, but there’s no point. It’s done what I wanted it to do – it’s cleansed out my body, stopped my routine of eating at certain times of the day, stopped my double espressos, and it’s brought my mind back under my control – rather than under the control of my desires.

So now I have my mind back, I can transition into my juice fast phase.

This morning I’ll have an apple and kiwi-fruit juice for breakfast, probably carrot and celery for lunch, and maybe beetroot and pear for dinner.

Tomorrow is Jennifer’s mother’s birthday – she’ll be 83 years old – and the family traditionally has a big dinner for her birthday. Roast lamb, baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and home-made cakes. Yummy. Jennifer’s sister, who lives next door, is almost a professional grade cake-maker.

So tomorrow night will be tough. But that’s okay. I’ll join in, I just won’t eat.

They all think I’m weird…

Chicken and Churros

2 thoughts on “PC #127 – About fasting…

  1. You inspired me to fast, Bill. Then I woke up from a nap, forgot, and ate a cookie. Open my computer and see this again (I have you as my home page, ha ha.) Shamefaced. Ok, starting now. 🙂


    • haha – yes, it’s hard Julie. But it’s all about taking control of your thoughts.

      Hunger is different from appetite.

      Once you get into it though, it becomes quite easy. Last night was difficult because I watched that Anthony Bourdain show – haha – and Jennifer made herself a beautiful salad.

      And tomorrow is going to be difficult too, with the birthday feast, but it’s no different to a bus pulling up beside you 10kms outside of Burgos!!



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