PC #118 – The Shower is a very powerful place

I get so much work done in the shower.

It’s a very powerful place.

It’s where my PGS really kicks in.

I let the water just wash over me, and I allow thoughts to come. I always used to listen to the news in the shower, but then I realised that my thoughts were being dictated by what was on the radio.

On the one hand, I was using the time productively to find out what was going on in the world – but I was also missing out on that time to just allow my thoughts to wander – to allow my PGS to touch base and talk to me.

There are very few other times in the day when that can happen, because I’m so busy, and often there isn’t time to be still. You need to be still to hear your PGS. And I’m still in the shower.

I find with the movement of the water massaging me, the shower becomes a meditative space. Also the sound of the water. It’s a contemplative place. If you allow it to be.

This morning I had a sudden insight into how to rewrite my PGS sizzle reel. It came out of nowhere, but I knew immediately it wasΒ the right way to approach it.

I’d allowed my PGS to speak to me, and I listened.

(Image below from shower scene in Psycho – :D)


24 thoughts on “PC #118 – The Shower is a very powerful place

  1. Now THAT Psycho scene was anything BUT a relaxing shower! I have solved many problems while in the shower. Of course, without my hearing aids listening to the radio in the shower was never an option. I think the warmth, the soothing smells, and the rhythm of the pounding spray allows are brains to be free. Glad to hear that you got your sizzle reel spinning! Julie


    • Julie –

      thought it might be a fun image to put against the post –

      I thought about putting the image with the knife in it – but veered towards good taste instead, which is another example of personal growth…




  2. Ha! Love the photo. The showers I take here are anything but relaxing. I spend the whole time regulating between too hot, too cold, to much pressure, too little. And too tiny a space.
    I’m glad the sizzle reel is on track. What’s a sizzle reel?


    • Hey Kathy –

      I’m sure you have some interesting stories from your “missing” days!

      A sizzle reel is something that’s meant to “sizzle” excitement with distributors and financiers.

      It seems now they’re pretty important when you go out to seek funds for a movie.

      However they need to be done well – and need some money thrown at them, otherwise they can work against you.



  3. Hola Bill
    Very pleased your shower experiences are more positively enlightening than hers.
    I wonder what her PGS was saying………


    • Hey, Janet, am on my own for a few hours and plowing my way through lots of PGS stuff … thanks all and sundry for giving me such a wonderful space to step into!!! – anyway, just realised that your photo is the one I took of you up against a wonderful view way up in some ancient building somewhere in Spain – a great photo of you and an very appropriate one to use for this blog. Just saying!!! πŸ™‚


      • Hi, Bill! Just ‘visiting’ briefly having for the first time in 3 weeks had some time completely on my own and with access to a computer! Holiday still great and still connecting to my wider Danish ‘family’ but am starting to look forward to being home in Sydney, where I arrive on the 3rd October … just in time to get over my jet-lag before the next Friends of Camino get-together!!


  4. Hello Bill,
    Sadly we are dealing with another train tragedy, this time here in Ottawa, only a dozen km from my house. A commuter bus did not stop in time at a level crossing and collided with a passenger train derailing a few train cars. No one injured on the train but the passengers on the bus weren’t so lucky, over 30 injured, 8 critically and 6 casualties including the driver.
    While reading this morning’s paper, I came across a perfect example of PGS. A young student on his way to Carleton University boarded this bus, a double decker, and once on board, debated whether to go up to the upper deck, but instead headed for the back lower deck. That decision may have saved his life. Among those that did not survive were 2 other students 21 yrs old, the same age as the first student.
    The term ”debated” is what locked it for me, he listened to his PGS and he doesn’t even realise it!



    • Sonia, having lived in Ottawa for many years, I was so shocked by the Barrhaven incident. I must have been by that crossing a thousand times, and I always thought it was badly placed. Its interesting though, in so many tragedies like this, there are always a couple of people who stopped and listened to their pgs, and then either changed seats, or waited for a different bus.It makes me wonder, do we all hear, but only a few listen ;or are only some people warned?


  5. Back to the photo. As I scrolled and before I recognized dear Janet, my first thought was “Oh my goodness, Bill, what have you done to yourself.” That’s okay, I kept scrolling before rushing to conclusions.

    Yes, the train wreck isad and this PGS link comes to our minds on my such occasions. ie, the people who were absent or otherwise survived 911. Much further back, in 1937 before our time, the school in New London, Texas exploded during killing almost everyone in it. My dad’s family lived in nearby Overton, Texas and his younger brothers were supposed to go to a multi-school marching band event there that day. They had bad colds and my grandmother kept them home. Such memories linger and we shiver and marvel.

    By the way, that explosion is why natural gas now smells like rotten eggs. Without that stinky additive, it has no odor to warn us.


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