PC #115 – Ask…

I'm preparing my “sizzle” reel for the PGS film now that the book is done and dusted.

A sizzle reel is like a promo reel, designed to get buyers or financiers to invest in the project.

Part of this reel is spent explaining the steps involved in working with your PGS – Stop, Listen, Trust, and Follow.

A very smart women whom I'm working with in Los Angeles took a look at the script, and she said: What about Ask?

I talked this over with Jennifer this morning. She's my learned sounding board on these kind of things. And Jennifer said absolutely, you have to ask the universe for guidance for what you want. How else does it know?

Isn't that what praying is?

Or meditations?

But you don't necessarily need to pray, or meditate, to enact your PGS – you just have to stop, and ask. Then you have to listen to what comes back, and trust what you've been told, then you have to follow that guidance. That advice.

Asking is a crucial step in this process of connecting to your innate wisdom. To your Higher Self. To your God Head, as the Hindus call it.

If you don't ask, you don't get.



18 thoughts on “PC #115 – Ask…

    • Bill –

      I am with JabbaPapa on this one: “Listen = Ask”

      As a species, we do a pretty poor job of asking the “right” questions. Emotional “filtering” or “conditioning” from past experience impairs our ability to do so on even simple matters of everyday life.

      Before I can ever make headway in resolving a client’s problem, I have to take folks through a “root cause analysis” of “The Problem” before there is clear buy-in and understanding of what the REAL problem is and what are the contributors to it at a fundamental level. Only after that is complete can the group move forward productively. Mind you, this is for “easy” problems of a factual nature and very concrete in form.

      For the big questions in life, I do not see how we can reliably “Ask” the right question and hope to get a good answer. (Garbage Out, Garbage In?)

      That is where intuition comes to our aid. We intuit a direction to follow and see how it turns out. It is wisdom that tells us when we are going the wrong way.



      • Brendan –

        I’ve given this a lot of thought over the years – that Listen is to Ask.

        And I thought it was too. That implicit in the listening is the asking.

        But I don’t think that anymore.

        I think you have to listen, THEN ask.

        But first you have to stop. Because without stopping, you can’t listen. And if you’re not listening, then you can’t hear what comes back when you ask.

        I thought it was the other way around – you had to ask, THEN listen – but I now believe you have to listen first, before you ask.

        Asking though is crucial. That’s what prayer is – that’s what meditation is – a calling out, in whispers…



    • Hi Julian –

      I’m not so sure.

      I used to think that, but I’ve changed my mind lately.

      I think you do have to ask – but I think you have to listen BEFORE you ask

      if that makes sense.



      • No, prayer is not mainly about asking — its main functions are worship and thanksgiving ; Love.

        Asking cannot exist without Listening. The reverse is untrue, though.

        On the one hand, I guess I’m saying that in your own definition of the components of your PGS, then within that context, Ask = Listen ; but I also think that at a deeper level, listening itself is in itself asking. That one can sometimes feel the need to verbalise this action of listening through a question or other request does not alter the passive, receptive nature of this attitude, that you have summed up in the word “Listen”. 🙂


        • Hi Julian –

          I understand what you’re saying –

          In the shower this morning I didn’t “ask” about doing another version of the sizzle reel it just came.



        • I completely agree with you, Julian .Thank you for putting it so clearly. I have had problems at times trying to explain the Intercessory Contemplative who by definition lives in the silence of listening/asking/worshipping.


  1. Jennifer is right, ask the universe for guidance for what you want, but also for courage to accept how it answers your request/prayer.
    Someone once told me a prayer is answered one of three ways:
    Yes, but not now!
    Wait, I have another plan.
    I feel that is where the Trust part of PGS comes in. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the concept, but isn’t trusting your PGS, going with the flow? Not having to ask for anything? Trusting that you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be. Trusting ”The Way” ”It’s Way”.


    • Hi Sonia – (I hope it IS Sonia!)

      Jennifer has just posted a guest blog on asking –

      But yes, Trust is the big one. Because you can ask, and get guidance, but unless you trust and follow, then you’ll never know




  2. Are we talking about the” little devil” on one shoulder and the “little angel” on the other whispering in your ear? 🙂


  3. Sometimes it’s stop, listen, trust and follow when you don’t have the good sense to ask or even know something needs to be asked. It just slides in a whallops you and there you are, stopping, looking, listening, and with intuitional knowledge trusting and following. “That’s unsolicited, but time for a great big thank you, God. How else would I know that?” I think that’s PGS, too. Yes?


    • Barbara –

      I’m still undecided on this – there are arguments for and against, as you’ll see through the comment thread.

      I need to really consider this – but it doesn’t need to be locked in stone right now.



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