Update on things…

The last few days I haven’t been as active on the blog as usual –

A 500ml drive on Friday, Saturday with my family up in Stanthorpe – Sunday (yesterday here in Australia) another 450ml drive, but to a small town on the coast just north of Sydney to see Jennifer’s brother’s newly born baby –

And today, a 250ml drive back to Mudgee.

The baby is an amazing story – born premature (5 lbs) to my brother-in-law’s wife, who has MS. The birth has been a divine gift to them both, and whilst I’m not usually a baby-bloke, the tiny little thing is a real cutie. Her name is Mathilda.

On the book – I’m now just waiting on the cover art. I’ve commissioned the company that does my movie posters – and they do most of the film poster work in this country. I’ve already had a draft from them, which looks terrific, but there are things I want changed, and so that’s happening at the moment.

I’m hoping that the cover will be locked off in the next couple of days, and then it will be ready for publishing, because the book is all formatted now.

I have included at the top of each chapter a small photo that says something about that particular chapter – I haven’t made this a photo book by any means. I figure if people want to see the shots, then they can go to my website easy enough. The book is about the words, and the story.

Having slight perfectionist tendencies, I’m paranoid about typos. Jennifer and I did a “typo” read, and Jennifer picked up a bunch that had slipped past me, then Elizabeth Evans from this blog did a proof read, and she picked up some more that had slipped past both of us. Hopefully that has nailed it, but if any of you have picked up any typos in the excerpts I’ve posted on this blog, please let me know.

I noticed in a comment from Jill that someone said they were reading a blog that discussed the “effects” of the Camino. It turned out it was this blog. PGS – The Way. I’ve never thought that these blog posts after the Camino were that – but I guess they are, mostly.

I set up the forum to discuss the “spirit of the Camino,” because it seemed to me there was no place to really talk about that. Ivar’s forum, as wonderful as it is, seems more about the practical aspects of the pilgrimage. Which is fantastic, because it’s a source of very useful information.

This blog has always been about the inner workings of the Camino – “inner” both for the pilgrim, and for The Way itself. That’s what I find fascinating. Like how my walking the Camino reunited my sister and me. That was amazing.

Sometimes I feel as though I have said all I can say, and I should wind this blog up. Retire with dignity, rather than continue on with posts that are thin and are a rehash of what’s already been explored. And then something comes along that is really worth putting up – and I’m glad that I not only have this blog as a platform to articulate it, but also incredibly grateful that I have an audience that’s interested.

And after all, how could I not blog on the tour next year? That will be a complete hoot!

Stanthorpe Lake

18 thoughts on “Update on things…

  1. Bill

    I’m sitting in an airway station

    Got a ticket for my destination

    In NJ now boarding in about 1 hour



  2. I’m reading/listening to it on my Kindle too, almost done. It’s called “The Way Is a River of Stars: A Buddhist’s Journey Through Northern Spain on the Camino Pilgrim Route by Helen Burns” I’m enjoying it. I’ll be needing a new Camino book to read soon!!!!!

    I’m the Mom of a 1360g, week 30 son so I love the little ones!!! He’s now almost 27. In the NICU’s here they don’t bother with pounds and ounces for the little ones, every gram counts instead.


  3. Bill,

    About the blog, I hope you keep it going, but you might find it necessary to pace yourself. A weekly post would keep it alive but more manageable for you. But that sort of compromise might be difficult!



    • Hi Clare,


      At the moment I’m still bubbling with things to blog about. Although sometimes they are a little off Camino topic.

      But also I’m conscious that this blog is a place for others to interact, which is wonderful!



  4. Bill, you will follow your PGS and ” know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.” You will know when to blog and when not to.
    Meanwhile, this is still a wonderful platform for expressing ideas and opinions in a safe and supportive environment.


  5. Hi, Arlene. Here’s another Camino book you might enjoy, “On the Road to Santiago” by Bob Tuggle. Sort of a nuts and bolts guide of one man’s journey. It’s what got me interested in going myself. Available on Kindle for $3.99.
    I look forward to reading about your travels.
    Jill in Georgia


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