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I’ve been missing off the blog for most of today because I’ve been hunkered down doing an arm wrestle with WordPress.

I now have a site for the Portuguese Camino Tour.


I’d love to do a tour a year – depending on work commitments. And so I’ve set up an entity called PGS Pilgrim Tours. Pretty cool huh?

The Tour site still needs a little refining, but it’s got most of the information that’s needed.

The travel agent is now marketing through his networks, and getting a strong response.

Seems there’s very real interest out there in the pilgrimage we all love so much!

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  1. Wow, Bill. This is a very ambitious project! I’m envious that you have this to look forward to for as long as you enjoy it. What made you decide to make it an ongoing commitment? I know the other day I was daydreaming about how amazing it would be to do a whole series of tours, teaching Centering Prayer. The Confraternity of St James once suggested I ‘hang out a shingle ‘ somewhere along the Camino. I get excited thinking about how much more pilgrims could get out of their experience if they knew how to do walking and resting meditations along the way.


  2. So, Sister, you don’t mind being tagged as ‘peculiar’??!! πŸ™‚
    Bill, you’re astonishing πŸ™‚ Just like that, and you’re in business. I like your pizazz and hope it gets off the ground at rocket speed!


  3. Bill,I like the “stall” idea, πŸ˜‰ , especially if you serve a cuppa. Sister,being “peculiar” is an interesting tag on. I was called the same by Stuart my 82year old scottish camino archangel. His curiosity to figure out who and why I was there, his kindness and charity towards myself, made it possible for me to finish my walk. so being perceived as peculiar was a blessing to me.
    Good luck everyone with your new adventure, Ingrid


      • Bill it will be a smashing success, just like your Australian Oscar and other international endeavors… some people just have the golden touch, looks like you are one who does. πŸ™‚


        • Dear Ingrid –

          Very sweet of you to say, but I just work hard.

          Too hard sometimes.

          Jennifer walked past me today at about 5pm, and I was still hunched down at the computer trying to figure out some WordPress conundrum, and she said ” Do you realise you haven’t said a word to me all day?”

          I started work this morning at 5:30am, and didn’t stop until 7:30pm tonight – except to go out and get some groceries – and then to watch a documentary tonight with my son – which was fascinating. He doesn’t come up much to Mudgee, and when he does I like to spend time with him.

          I am going nuts not being able to walk – that’s the thing. I’m waiting for this brace now, and hoping that will enable me to walk.

          Again though, thank you for your very kind words!



      • It would be more fun to have a little donkey drawn “prayer caravan “.following along behind you, Bill. Then we can work out a ‘split ‘ in revenues.


  4. typo on the home page, Bill — “Bill Bennett is an internationally renownED film director”

    (though naturally I’d prefer the aging British “reknowned”, it always looks odd in the Transatlantic standard you must use)


      • Bill, have wondered for some time how you do it all, do you dream up new stuff while sleeping, or dream solutions to a challenge. I doing think your mind ever rests. No wonder you loved the interlude the camino afforded you. I believe you are called back, because the pupil still needs a teacher. πŸ˜‰


        • Yes, the Camino was a wonderful period where I just had to worry about whether I’d get to the next town.

          I loved that – and that’s one of the things that draws me back.

          But there are so many reasons, some superficial, and some very profound, that make me want to do the Camino again.

          At a point in your life, you count back.

          Early in your life, you count forward. Or you don’t even count at all.

          I figure I have 10 years, maybe 15 tops, before I cease to be productive. I have a lot to do in that time.

          So I’m counting back… fifteen years. Counting down…



      • Bill if you figure you have ten -fifteen productive years left , what happens when you turn seventy five? You could realistically have thirty creative years or even more -I think of some amazing centenarians who are still creating, teaching, writing, etc. So if you stop in fifteen years what will you do (apart from driving Jen crazy?)


  5. Hello all,

    It seems I have been asleep through the introduction of the new website to the PGS community.

    Isn’t this the bomb? (I borrowed that phrase from the young-uns).

    Hopefully an annual PGS Camino reunion! Yippee πŸ™‚

    Here I am preparing to leave for Camino on Sunday, already have committed to the 2014 Tour and am now looking forward to yearly PGS Camino Tours –

    Bill, if I may suggest, how about a differing route each year? 2014 = Portuguese, there is the Primitivo, Ingles, del Norte, la Plata, etc. I personally would love to do each and every one. And then there are always others like Lourdes and Fatima for example. What do you think?

    Okay, so yes – I’m a groupie, I admit it. The Camino has its hooks in me!



    • Hi Arlene,

      I can’t sleep so I’ll answer some posts for a little while…


      It would be great to do a new tour each year.

      Personally, my knee willing, I’d love to do le Puy – but that would be too long for a tour as such.

      The del Norte would be fun, but off season. Around April/May would be perfect. And that Camino that drops down from Oviedo – is that the Primitivo? I’ve driven thru there – it’s spectacular.

      So yes, I hope we can make this first Camino such a smashing success that it becomes an annual event!

      And you’re right Arlene about other pilgrimage routes – not only Lourdes and Fatima, but the Ganges, and there’s a pilgrimage route in Japan too!

      That would be very cool.



      • Bill,

        Maybe the le Puy could be a sort of PGS non-tour type Camino. Just a group of us agreeing on a date and place to start. Everyone’s PGS can guide them along the way, no pressure on you as Tour Director, just a group of people starting out from the same place maybe staying together, maybe not. Maybe albergues, maybe hotels entirely up to individuals desire.

        Yes, the Primitivo is the Camino that begins in Oviedo. I’d love to do that one too.

        Oh, the Ganges and Japan. This is exploding in my mind, I’m truly psyched.
        Great possibilities are unfolding thanks to you Bill!



        • Hi Arlene –

          I think there’s an increasing interest in these king of tours, which are not only spiritual in nature, but also allow you to experience other extraordinary cultures,



          • Bill,

            I’m in,

            YES, COUNT ME IN !

            I spent too much of my younger life having a career, raising children and being a wife. I’m now at a point where I have the time and freedom to be able to explore these wonderful opportunities.

            I hope enough time remains for me to see, taste and experience all the wonderfulness this world has to offer.



  6. Oh, Bill, you just made my day! I have been so sad because I don’t think that I will be rehabbed in time for your April tour. Now I have a later PGS tour to dream about! I needed that! I am in physical therapy three times a week, and the broken leg has healed nicely. The torn meniscus, however, is not settling down and I have developed bursitis and plantar fasciitis in the foot of the injured leg. Yesterday, I had one of the dreaded shots in my knee. I am not a big fan of needles. Yes, it is a garangatan-sized needle, but the shot was not exactly painful, it’s just weird! It felt like my leg was blowing up like a balloon, just kind of a full feeling with associated pressure. This morning I can walk on my knee without pain for the first time since May 9th. I am so excited! You will be happy, I think. So be brave!

    Sister, things could be a lot worse than “peculiar”! I have often dreamed of winning charity money myself.

    Ingrid, I agree that you are such a kind soul. Lots of kind souls here!

    Steve, a Harley definitely makes you younger. I just can’t understand why Bill won’t get on one!

    Arlene, I slept through this blog, too. Must be the time difference. You must be so excited. You leave on Sunday, right? I will be thinking of you, and wishing I could stowaway!

    Off to PT! Chat with you all later! Julie


  7. Bill,

    Sometime I see you sitting behind a desk, forty stories high, with a room full of the best writers, (feet on desk!)…you and them just putting this stuff out here for us!! Perhaps some of the characters are designed by you!! Sister, are you real? What about you Steve and Jill? Arlene?

    My point is…you are soooo good!! I love your humor, your sincerity, even the little mistakes add to the story and make you seem human….

    Just what I was thinking ….

    Oh, another thing…..I have good friends who are friends with a guy in LA who looks a lot like you and is also a film writer and photographer and his name is Bill Bennett …check him out on FB!!! πŸ™‚



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