PC #93 – Saint sets dwarf on fire….

Off topic. Way way off topic…

But, my moral compass is spinning.

Here in Australia, a player from the Saints footy club set a dwarf on fire.

The dwarf in question was an entertainer at a club function to celebrate the end of the footy season, prior to the finals.

In good cheer, the footy players – the Saints – started off by setting their bootlaces on fire.

Then they set a dwarf on fire.

When informed of this, the head of the Australian Football League had a laughing fit on telly.

It’s caused a bit of a fuss here.

The dwarf is fine. A bit singed, but fine.

Evidently the footy players doused him out fairly fast, then in their exuberance they threw him off a balcony.

I’m conflicted.

I know, in my pilgrim heart, I shouldn’t find this funny.

Sister Clare – can you save my soul?



30 thoughts on “PC #93 – Saint sets dwarf on fire….

  1. Bill you are an odd person.

    You write about spritural and personal transformation from walking the camino but then you write this and think this is funny. Would you think this is funny if this happened to a friend while walking the camino?

    How can anybody take what you write and publish seriously?


  2. There are a few steps one needs to take in the process of soul saving, Bill. The first one is up to you.But technically, since I work for Someone Who saves souls,yes, I can help you with this. How’s your health insurance, though? We may need to do a biopsy on your sense of humour, first. 🙂


    • Hey Mate,

      The dwarf story. If I am reading it the way other’s are reading it, I think you might have stepped on your dick with this one. Seems way out of character. Did you write that sober? We must be missing something?

      Did not want to make any public comment. I think you are getting enough of that.



  3. Oops. Looks like I did make a public comment. Sorry for the descriptive nature of it. Perhaps it was the Camino at work. I publicly think we should all give our esteemed leader the ability to explain himself before we head for the public flogging. One unexplained quip should not have any of us running for the hills, given the Bill that we all know, at least not till he has had a chance to elaborate. And for me, I try to confine my graphic descriptions to behind the scene, and the Camino/internet God called me on this one. It was meant for Bill’s eyes only. Serves me right. Thank God it wasn’t worse, however most of you know that my public comments are normally pretty open and honest. This was just my way of asking, “Hey, Mate, what’s up?”.

    Mia culpa.



    • Steve -no offense taken here.I appreciate your call for Bill to be offered a chance to explain. This is the same guy who can be thoughtful, wise, generous enough to offer me free Camino and write a birthday blog. When things like this happen, I think of St Paul, who advised that when someone goes the wrong way, its best to help them see the right one. I know I’ve made mistakes, and the God who forgives me, asks that I extend the same to others in His Name.


      • Well, Bill has a lot more leeway with me than this for me to go getting a rope. Fact, I can’t imagine me ever getting a rope. It’s not what it sounded like. We know him too well. Steve


  4. I don’t know Bill in person, do any of us??? Most/all?? of us only know him from what he writes here and on the forum. So we only “see” a few minutes of Bill every day. If you extrapolate into the other 23 hours and 33 minutes a day we don’t see him and look at this one tasteless indiscretion out of the many hours in the many months (or whatever the time frame) that we’ve known Bill I think/hope/want to believe the good in Bill out weighs the bad. (or he’s been real good about editing…) So, I am not defending Bill’s decision to broadcast what he thought was funny but am thinking his redeeming values – at least the ones we know, out weigh the bad. (or he’s been real good about editing…and don’t do it again!!!)


  5. Folks,

    I haven’t watched it, and am not going to do so. The reason are two-fold and simple.

    First, I have no use for the general coarsening of Western culture where denigration of “the other” seems to be on a rapidly ascending curve. Second, it makes little sense to allow base visuals and consequent thoughts into my mind – I tend to avoid contaminated food and water which have more acute but less damaging impacts to my person.

    But let’s separate the person from the deed, shall we?

    Honestly, who has not had a behavioral slip on occasion – a weird nexus of time and circumstance – when our dark side gets out past the filter? And, who doesn’t have a dark side?
    “By your fruits ye shall know them…”

    I do not know Bill personally. But I have seen his fruits. So far, he’s way ahead on producing really good stuff.

    So can we give the guy a break? Or do we need to talk about judgment(alism) again?

    Just a thought,



  6. Bill I think its more honest to say what you are thinking and brave the storm than to just say what is politicaly correct. And BTW I do not like the fact that anyone uses dwarfs for entertainment but that is a whole other arguement.


    • Hi Wayfarer,

      Good to hear from you.

      I’m not good at political correctness, I’m afraid. As you’ve no doubt gathered.

      But I do believe in respect, empathy, compassion, and equality for all peoples.



      • I like a person who speaks his mind even if I don’t agree with what what he says, Its more honest than those who say one thing publicly and probably had a giggle themselves. Be true to yourself. I also agree with all of the above which is probably why I have somewhat parted company with the Church. I will not be a party to any organisation who exclude 50% of the congregatation except for making tea and sandwiches and cleaning. (Rant over)



        • Hi Pat,

          I agree that the exclusion of women from the church has been alienating for a lot of people, men as well as women. But the church has never been particularly progressive.



          • oh oh –

            I knew I should;t have said that!!

            (I have to go out in a minute to do some chores, conveniently, so I won’t be able to debate this with you!)

            But, tell me how the church (and I shouldn’t bundle all denominations into one heading) has been progressive, particularly in relation to birth control and the acceptance of women?

            The catholic church’s stance on the use of condoms has been contributive to the spread of AIDS in many countries


          • I am not disagreeing, Bill. The church has held back women and been more of a human than a divine institution for a long, long, time. I think everything said here has been absolutely right on the money!. If I could be a nun outside of the institution, that would be perfect; on the other hand change is badly needed, and that can only happen from the inside.


          • Hi Sister-

            you are the sort of person that the church desperately needs –

            And if more church people were like you Sister, I’m sure it would attract many more folk.



          • Well, it couldn’t do much worse than it is now! Without significant change soon, there aren’t going to be any more congregations or convents. I really hate it when people confuse how they feel about the church, with their relationship with God.


          • Hi Sister –

            going out now to do my chores – sending a present off to Elizabeth Evans, who did a wonderful proof-reading of the book. She picked up some typos that Jennifer and I completely missed.

            But just to say that all systems – social, biological, mechanical, digital – all systems evolve and go through change, and those that don’t stultify and die.

            The church is a system, religion is a system, and it needs to adapt to changing world views too, otherwise you’re right, it will be no longer relevant.



          • Everwhere. In the world, the Universe, within and without each of us, whether or not we acknowledge Him.


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