PC #89 – Arlene’s Packing List

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Here is Arlene’s packing list for her Camino, which starts very soon now.

Camino Necessities


Flight tickets & Flight Insurance Card
Euros & $US
Debit cards
Credit card
Medical Insurance Card

Being worn on person:

Baggallini Purse
Walking poles
Camping Shirt
Short sleeve shirt
Long trousers
Silk Money Belt
Baseball Cap
Sun glasses
Road ID

Being carried in Baggallini Purse:

Pens x 2
Jotting pad
Personal Intro Cards – contact info
Reading glasses
SGN Smartphone
Galaxy Note 8.0
All Documentation

In Backpack:

Osprey Backpack Aura 47 litre
Ziploc Pack bag (if in albergue)
Hydration bag empty
Duffle bag (Osprey Airporter small)
Fleece Sleeping Bag
Sleeping liner
Ziploc bags for lunch & along the trail

Clothing (not worn):

Fleece Vest
Altus Poncho
Socks x 2
Long Jane bottoms
Hiking pants
Long sleeve shirt x 1
Short sleeve shirt x 1
Buff & Sweat Band

Electricals in Pack:

Phone: Battery charger & extra battery
Camera: Battery charger & extra battery
GPS charger & lead
Galaxy Note 8.0 charger
SGN charger lead
Power socket doubler

Washing & toiletries etcetera:

Safety pins (used as clothes/nappy pins)
Tech Towel
Toothbrush & paste
Floss/Tooth picks
Disposable Razor
Small personal razor
Tissues & Personal Hygiene items
Body Glide
Waterproof electrical & document holder
Mascara & Eyeliner
Facial Moisturizer
Foot care (Compeed & Toe Caps)
Ear Plugs
Anti Diarrhea tablets
Needle, thread & small scissors

Weight Grams Ounces  Pounds

Total Weight in Backpack                                      6341.78      223.70   13.98


28 thoughts on “PC #89 – Arlene’s Packing List

  1. I’m excited for you Arlene.

    One thing you have on your list I never would have thought of but think is a great idea are the personal contact cards.

    Enjoy the trip!!



    • Hi Donna,
      Last year on Camino I didn”t get many pilgrims’ contact info. After I returned home, I thought it would be great to have a personal business card to hand out and get the exchange of info started.
      Now those cards are with me on training hikes so naturally they are going on this Camino.


  2. Hi Arlene! Just a thought, I took a down vest because it was so feather light, I did wear it even though it was August, we had one very chilly night and a few very cool mornings. If I was going later in the year I would also think about taking a down sweater of jacket, that could be used under a windbreaker and or Pancho.< also make a nice pillow if you need one.


    • Kath,
      I am bringing the fleece vest for that very purpose. I think coupled with the Smartwool medium weight long sleeved shirt I should be warm enough. If not I will buy a fleece jacket en route.
      Thanks for the suggestion though.


  3. Arlene, what a great list. I’ve been saving people’s lists as I think about what to take, and yours will be really helpful. I’m not familiar with the term Road ID – can you tell me what this is?


    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Road ID is an identification bracelet worn by many cyclists and runners. Basically it is simply Safety Gear.

      It states your name and city/town where you live. On the back of the tag is a number for first alert responders to call when contacting the Road ID team and accessing the database that will alert them to of any medical conditions, who to notify in case of emergency, allergies, your doctors, blood type, etc.

      Since I usually hike alone, my cyclist son suggested I get one and wear it when I am out in the desert. I now don’t leave home without it!



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