PC #88 – Draft of Tour Brochure

Here is a draft of the Camino Portuguese Tour brochure.

This will go out wide – possibly next week – through the tour operator to all his international affiliates.

There are 6 places at the PGS rate of $2950 – three are gone already. The rest are at the $3950 rate.

Sister Clare said I should emphasise that the tour will arrive in Santiago for the Easter celebrations. Which should be amazing.

In fact the whole tour is going to be amazing.

The brochure isn’t fully finished yet – still some stuff to be done on design – but thought I’d post it in this draft form to get your thoughts on it. Download here –

Camino E-flyer Draft 1

Walking away

20 thoughts on “PC #88 – Draft of Tour Brochure

  1. Bill,

    Nice job! I like it.

    Will you be providing the PGS names to Duncan?

    I am fearful I will already be on Camino and unable to sign up and pay my deposit since I won’t be carrying my credit cards with me. (I leave in 16 days)

    But I am still absolutely and positively Pilgrim #1 and don’t want to lose my place on the PGS tour!

    I imagine I will return to the States the first week in November.



    • Hi Arlene,

      Or rather,

      Hi Pilgrim #1!

      Not a problem. I’ll let Duncan know and we can sort this when you get back.

      Not many days to go now till you leave – you must be jumping out of your skin!



      • Bill,

        Wish it was sooner.

        I’m as trained as I will ever be! And the thought of not training for 2 weeks has me as you said jumping out of my skin.

        I’ve weighed and reweighed and can’t seem to get the back any lighter than it is now – 6.34 kg or 13.98 lbs.

        I’m stowing the entire pack, trekking poles and all inside an osprey duffel made specifically for that purpose (that duffel weighs 312 g or 11 oz.)

        Everything is taken care of on this end. I’m ready to get started.



        • Arlene –

          you’re like an athlete at the start line waiting for the pistol to go off!

          and I think 6.3kgs is pretty damn good.

          How about you post your packing list as a separate post here, so we can see what you’ve got –

          It could be instructive…



          • Steve,

            Last year my pack weighed 22 pounds without food or water. I was bound and determined to have it much lighter this year. It didn’t come easy, I worked hard to get it that weight.



  2. Bill,
    I am on bus to Houston to pick up my motorcycle and just ate my last Kit Kat bought in Spain. And last bus i rode was in Spain. Makes this look like junker. Momentous, memory filled occasion. Steve


  3. Hi there, Bill and PGS Family,

    The brochure is very lovely! Its great! You are my hero! You say what you mean and you mean what you say, and more importantly, you do what you say you are going to do!

    I am excitedly working on two big performances and am just re-learning how to become organized again which is a skill I had mastered at an early age, but have sadly let go of over the last decade! All that to say, that I don’t know how to manage my time the way I used to and can’t seem to get everything done so that is why I am just going to add “like” to the blogs to let you know I am out there. Keep it up and congrats on so many things that I can’t even remember them all at this point. Job well done.




    • Dear Jill –

      you are so gorgeous, thank you!!

      I learnt something from a very early age from a famous bushman here – he said To say it to do.

      I’ve always tried to follow that precept.

      Are you dancing again? doing shows? You and Steve seem to be going great guns after the Camino – with you out there again, and Steve getting his Harley.

      Good on you both!



  4. Dear Bill, tried opening the brochure last night, but was a no go (my system was probably unhappy that I’d been away for a couple of days, not connecting to PGS!!). Anyway, tonight after some heavy yogic healing chanting at my yoga school … voila, up it comes and I’m so very impressed and can’ wait to hear the sort of interaction you and Duncan might have with potential customers!! With a very heavy heart I have to let you know that I can’t go. It’s heartbreaking to say so, but there it is! Many reasons, all valid. Anyway, will absolutely love looking in the ‘Alice Window’ to see how it all comes together and how the final group gel in Portugal!! AUM 🙂


    • Hi Britta,

      Thanks for even considering the tour – would have loved for you to come along, but I understand.

      And really looking forward to meeting you and Jenny on Wednesday!



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