Camino Tour – KIT THE NUN!!

As you might know, Sister Clare, from Ontario Canada, is going to accompany us on the Portuguese Camino in April 2014.

However, nuns make no money. They don’t get paid for being nuns, unless they work at a hospital or school.

Sister Clare has very limited resources.

So SusanS has suggested that we kit out Sister Clare by donating stuff –

Jennifer and I will be paying for her airfares to Portugal, her accommodation and meals.

But Sister Clare needs all the kit and caboodle that any pilgrim needs for a walk.

Clothing, equipment, poles, backpack, boots, headlamp, etc.

I have set up a separate topic thread on the PGS Forum. Susan Sande will coordinate any offers of donation. Even a gift voucher to a hiking store, or cash would be very greatly appreciated. Here’s the link –

So let’s KIT THE NUN!

Walking away

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  1. Sorry, Bill, I thought I’d registered on the Forum, but am not being accepted to post on the KIT THE NUN. Could you let me know (tomorrow is fine!) via email: whether I have to re-register and we can take it from there. Many thanks.


  2. Just tried to re-register and of course was told that my email address was already in use!! Then tried activating through the original registration and that was OK until I asked for them to give my password (I noted it was just 5 digits and I had no idea what that might be as my passwords are always longer!!) and was told: ‘The e-mail/username information submitted could not be found.’ – so I’m giving up for now :), as I have to pack to go away for a few days. Will try again when I’m back in Sydney.

    What I was going to say was that it might be nice to know what size – clothes, boots – Sister takes – and that I’d like to give her a pair of walking sticks. Whether I get them here in Sydney and post them to Canada for her to use in training or just transfer some money? – I guess we can work that out at some other stage πŸ™‚


    • Sorry for these registration issues Britta.

      I went into the Admin panel and your name and email is there. What I can do is delete you from the forum so that you can re-register clean.

      I can do that now if you like

      Also I will check with Sister as to her sizes. And anything you can provide for sister she would be very appreciative.




  3. Bill,

    I will be waiting for Susan’s list of necessary items.

    However, count me in. I will be helping to Kit Sister.



  4. The slight irreverence towards ‘our’ sister can be forgiven Bill. You seem to be able to get away with anything!!
    I have messaged Susan on the forum with my contribution. Shame I can’t be there to see Steve and Sister on the Harley but look forward to lots of pics.


  5. Hi

    Id like to help kit the nun.

    I cant seem to get onto the forum. ..I think I have registered about four times now:0)

    My Sister has been such a great source of comfort for me on my Camino. She has walked beside me daily as an angel.

    I will wait until I’m home and see what the gaps are.


  6. Sister Claire, I should have a bit more time looking over the list in a few weeks. There might be a few items I could ship to you or we might yet meet. There is some time left, eh.

    Question: will you be actually walking in your habit? Is it required? I am asking, because the only priests that I saw walking in their priestly garments was a Franciscan Monk. Very interesting fellow, he was from France and we shared dinner and breakfast and a long chat and a short walk together. I saw other clergy walking, but usually only with a collar. The only sisters in habits I saw in the various convents I stayed in.

    Light and Love Ingrid


    • Ingrid, an interesting question. A habit is a complicated thing. I delliberately chose an Order that still uses the habit- most don’t. To me, living my faith is paramount, so wearing my habit identifies me to the world as a servant of God who is available to help, and approachable.The days of walking into a convent and saying I want to be a nun, and accepted, given a habit and there you go, are long gone. It takes a minimum of four years to earn a habit, and you can spend those years and still be told you aren’t nun material.(I’m going to move down a box now, so I don’t get scrambled -bear with me.


      • I am very proud of the habit I wear, and as important as it is to be seen, it demands,respect. I don’t wear my full length habit through slush and mud -soiling it that way would be disrespectful.So we have work habits, travelling habits, modified habits, all in the Order colours. In the deep of freezing winter,I can wear black formal trousers instead of a habit skirt, and in summer, a sleeveless habit without the scapular.Over on the kit the nun forum, Julian suggested that all I need were a pair of gloves, since “nuns in habit on the Camino are cool”. It would be both disrespectful and.impractical to try to walk a Camino in full habit -Julian, try it in a full length three layered gown with a heavy full length


        • Sister, try to combine the traditional with the practical so that you are comfortable spiritually at all times, but physically at all times also, or as best you can be. As we know, the weather is unpredictable.


      • Thank you SisterSimon, I was wondering and all will fall into place as the Camino progresses. I can see you wearing the Veil most of the time, unless the sun becomes to hot, or it becomes very windy and rainy once in Galicia. I would have loved to walk with you. Thank you for answering my question. INgrid


        • I would be honoured to walk beside you anytime, Ingrid. It may yet happen, if not this time, then the next.


  7. Coat and veil, and you might understand. So I will be wearing either a modified habit skirt,, a little shorter for walking, or acceptable trousers, with appropriate tops, my Order Cross,, and weather permitting, my veil. If its pouring rain the veil will be switched to a hat. I will bring a more formal travelling habit for church .I haven’t left my house out of habit for ten years, even to.just put the trash out.At home,in my house,working or not I am required to wear the Order cross,, but I wear it with civilian clothes.Please pardon the very long answer, but the topic keeps coming up, and I wanted to once and for all.


  8. Thanks Steve-thats exactly what Im aiming for.Anyone who feel its disrespectful, hypocritical.or sacreligious is welcome to walk a day in my full habit and see for themselves. πŸ™‚


    • I will just clap and cheer when you do. Don’t think I could walk in your shoes, much less your habit. And, fortunately, with the van, you do not have to worry if you bring some extra bulky clothes for special occasions. After all, that’s what vans are for. To lighten the load.

      Go get em Sister, Steve


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