8 thoughts on “PC #84 – pics from Portugal

  1. Hi, Bill, I hope you can see this… I looked at your gallery for Portugal and I really like images 1, 3, 8, 9, 13, and 17 for your e-flyer.
    To me, these images portray the variety that is found in this small but very interesting country, And especially, by including the first image from the gallery (i.e. the second one above), you are tying it in with the Camino.


    • Hi – David is it?

      Yes, those shots say Nth Portugal nicely. I’m not a very good “tourist” photographer. My shots of tourist sights aren’t very good at all. But I should be able to get something for the e-flyer out of what I shot.

      Thank you for your considered feedback.



  2. This is all very urban and stark looking,portfolio too. Did you only stay in towns?
    Will the tour go along the coast to start?


  3. Bill,

    The photos are nice, a little inside look at what to expect. I am particularly drawn to the barrels – they are for the aging of Port, are they not?

    There I go again showing my love of the product made from the fruit on the vine.

    Portugal has some fine varietals, are they served as freely as on the Camino Frances?



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