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Arlene is doing a guest blog today –

She’s soon to be doing her second Camino, and yesterday she went to a medium for guidance. Here’s what happened –

I made an appointment with a fellow artist who just happens to be an Astrologer and a Medium.  I wanted to find out if there is anything I should be aware of during my upcoming Camino.

I am hoping for this, my second Camino, to be a wonderful and enlightening experience.  An experience where I will take the time to feel the wonder all around me.  A time in which I am open to the spiritual guidance and experiences that happen all along the Way. 

My first Camino was for the most part, just a very long walk, I never stopped to smell the roses or took time to focus on anything other than the distance I needed to cover before I could sleep.

 Catherine was seeking instruction and guidance on a mosaic mural she is creating for her outdoor space. We spoke of her mosaic and I offered one or two suggestions.  Truly she doesn’t need my guidance; she is a talented artist on her own.

 I have met with her before in her capacity of Astrologer/Medium so she had already created my Natal Chart.  I am a Taurus; my moon was 26 degrees in Libra; Gemini was rising; Mercury was in Gemini; Neptune was ruling the 5th house and the North Node was in Taurus. 

Simply put, all of this means I am a communicator, a teacher, very grounded to the earth’s energy and have a very strong artistic ability.

 She read my astrological chart for today.  All looks positive for my upcoming Camino.  She sees a chance to create some art in Europe probably next year.

(This is something that is already in the works, however I had not spoken of it with her.  I will be meeting with the owner of a Casa Rurale in Ventosa on September 17th this year to come up with a plan for me to create a mosaic mural on their garden wall.) 

 She told me she sees in my chart an affiliation with a film maker and/or several film makers working on a documentary type of film, she believes I will appear in one or two productions. 

I find this to be another coincidence a) because of Bill’s profession and b) because a member of the APOC chapter I lead is a documentary film maker and would like to feature me in her documentary about the Camino that she will be filming next April/May. 

Again I had not mentioned this to Catherine.

 The Medium believes I should write a book of my Camino experiences and she spoke of the picture I should use for the book cover.  She recommended I take many photographs and include them in my book – after all “a picture is worth a thousand words.” 

Another coincidence; I began writing a book of my experiences last year and decided to wait to complete the book until I complete my upcoming Camino.

 After she did the astrological reading, she channeled her guides and they began to speak to me. 

 First thing they told me was to do was take notes. 

 Then I was asked to speak the phrase that I repeat often to myself since my return from Camino Numero Uno.  That phrase is “God in me, as me”.  I don’t know where the phrase came from, but it stays in my mind and I speak it to myself often.

 I was told it should become my mantra.  I should speak it to myself often; concentrate on the words and the meaning.  Repeat it several times over; it will help me when I feel low or am questioning the purpose or reason for things. 

 I am a divine conduit.  God is in me and I am with God.

 They spoke of my upcoming Camino as being wonderful experience.  Many things will be revealed to me this time around.

 I will receive inspiration by allowing it to happen, by being open to it.  Inspiration has the word spirit in it; the spirits on the Camino will inspire me – the spirits of all pilgrims who have walked before me.  Creativity, the product of inspiration, is God in action, I was told.

 When I need inspiration, I should touch water – put my hands in it, put my feet in it, immerse myself in it. Water is a great conduit and will make me more receptive to the wonders the Camino will show me as well as help me with my art.

 While on Camino, I should be out in the evening. But I should only walk the Way if there is full moonlight. I should let the moon and the stars bathe me in their light.  A moon and/or star bath will enhance my experiences on the Camino.  I should become one with the stars in the sky as I watch them light the Camino that I will travel.  This should be done often while I am on Camino this year.

 Because I am born under the astrological sign of Taurus, I am very connected to the earth. And because of that, I should take my shoes off and feel the ground beneath my feet often during the day while on Camino. 

This practice will keep my steadfast on my journey and awaken my heart and soul to the inspiration of the thousands of others who have walked this path before me.

I needed the first Camino to open me to the wonders that will unfold for me during this Camino.  I was informed that I would walk the Camino de Santiago again another time, but that third Camino will take me in a totally different direction that the first two had me walking. 

Another coincidence, I will be walking northward to Santiago on the PGS Camino Portuguese during April of 2014.

 Finally I was asked about the art I am currently struggling with.  It is a mosaic of a Japanese Koi pond for the patio in my yard. The guides suggest I make the lotus flowers in various stages of opening up.  The lotus flower will signify the opening of my spirituality – the very purpose of my Caminos!

 And so the guides bid me Adieu and Bon Chemin! 

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3 thoughts on “Guest Blog – Arlene & the Medium –

  1. Hi Arlene! You must be feeling so excited about your upcoming Camino! I’ve been following your plans and preparations avidly, and I now its going to be a very meaningful and personally nourishing time for you. I hope your sponsorship brings in lots of money -do you have a lot of supporters? That was such a good idea -I hope it catches on. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people decided to walk in support of worthy causes? Its such a good fit with the Camino, as we grow as people in spirit and self knowledge, we also grow in stewardship of the planet andin our roles as good world citizens. I will be praying for you every step of “The Way”. I have to recuse myself in respect to this specific topic, as I did readings as a medium.for many years. Blessings on all that you do in your marvellous,upcoming adventure!


    • Thank you Sister,

      I am so sure this will be an enlightening pilgrimage and experience for me.

      There seems to be a fair number of donors to the Wildlife Center; I am so pleased I am able to be a facilitator for this worthy cause.

      Thank you for your prayers and blessings, I am humbled.



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