Apologies for spam!

The blog is being bombarded by spam tonight.

I've been doing everything I can to block it – but it still keeps getting through.

I'm very sorry for this – will keep trying to find a way to stop it. It's getting late here in Australia and I'll be hitting the sack soon – in which case I'll follow up again tomorrow.

There is a spam filter on this site, but obviously it's not powerful enough to stop this particular spammer.

It's driving me nuts.



42 thoughts on “Apologies for spam!

  1. I haven’t noticed any spam here, Bill. I notice you writing about it, that’s all. I hate having to approve every comment, but maybe that’s actually a good thing.


    • Peter, I have to approve every comment on my business blog. It is a pain, but in my case, there are more people spamming than actually posting. :-/ Julie B


  2. Never mind, Bill
    Everyone knows its not your fault, and you’re doing your best to fix it. Funny thing though – I used to get it at night, now it comes in the afternoon.


  3. This is strange and I just wonder how the spams are ‘allocated’ as so far, X-fingers, and knocking on wood, I’ve not received a single one and it surely can’t be ‘caus I’m such a nice person, if the ‘nice-person-personified’ ie Sister Clare is getting bombarded!! A strange out there world we’re living in!! 🙂


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