4 thoughts on “PC#51 – The Grieving City 2

  1. Bill,

    This tragedy has taken the breath from us all and I’m sure left so many, especially those of us with an attachment to Santiago de Compostela, grieving.

    Prayers for healing and understanding sent up for those affected will surely help ease the pain.



    • Dear Arlene –

      you are so right.

      Sister Clare I believe is in some form of “retreat” doing this at the moment.

      It is a time to be quiet, and reflective, and treasure each moment.



  2. I have previously talked to Sister Clare about the healing chanting I take part in. I happen to be the one conducting our weekly session today at my yoga school and will make a special mention of this tragedy. I still can’t come to terms with the horror if it, and really don’t want to believe it could have happened because of a human error.


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