An Important Announcement!

I have an important announcement to make –

Roll of the drums please…

Sister Clare has agreed to be a moderator on my forum –

I can hear the stunned silence.

Yes, it took a bit of arm twisting, because she didn’t want to diminish her involvement on this blog, but I assured her the forum would provide her a terrific venue from which she can respond to questions and topics directly.

She can also post her own topics too.

She is a moderator on the Spirituality & Religion forum, but she will also be active on The Camino forum too.

The tagline for the forum is – Discussing the spirit of the Camino. Here’s the link:

Welcome Sister! I will enjoy working with you on it –


Announcement 2

14 thoughts on “An Important Announcement!

  1. Wasn’t expecting fanfare, here. Thanks Bill, Arlene and Steve . I will still be here at the blog, and hopefully occasionally posting, too-after all, its my favourite place to be!


  2. I couldn’t think of a better person to be a Moderator on your Forum, Bill. Thank you Sister Clare for your generosity of time and spirit in undertaking this role. One of the things I enjoy most about Ivar’s wonderful forum is the input of the Moderators; their wisdom and the occasional “Play nice, guys” gentle chiding that’s needed from time to time … not that this will EVER be necessary on our PGS The Way Forum! Cheers – Jenny


    • Dear Jenny –

      thank you for saying this – and yes, we’re very fortunate to have Sister Clare as a moderator.

      She has already bought wisdom, empathy, and her world experience to the blog, and no doubt will do so to the forum as well.

      Oh, and let’s not forget her “peculiar” sense of humour!



    • Thank you, Jenny. I hope you enjoy the forum, and feel free to take advantage of the prayer request offered by the monks and nuns of my Order. See you there!


  3. This is perfect, and I like all the others thank you, Sister Clare for taking on this role. But … I hope this won’t mean you won’t get time to actually WALK the Camino?? 🙂

    Bill, a very clever and inspired choice for a moderator!!


      • Bill, God sometimes speaks to us through the heart, so I’ve always believed its right to follow your heart as it calls you through life. Part of my heart is definately with you and this wonderful blog family (hi adorable Steve!) ,so when you invited me to come along as a moderator,I only had to listen for a minute before I knew its where I want to be. And its a great opportunity to offer prayers and spiritual support to all the people I have come to care so much about.


        • Sister – thank you for accepting this honor of becoming a forum moderator. I am so glad we can benefit from your spiritual input as well as your witty humor on the forum as we do here on the blog.
          BTW, thank you for scheduling the Mass for me and my successful upcoming pilgrimage as well as the prayers being sent on my behalf.


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