PC #38 – Living in the real world

I’m into my third day of my fast now and I’ve been invited to a dinner tonight.

My daughter’s boyfriend has spent the last two days preparing the meal. And he’s invited other guests too.

Here’s the dilemma – I don’t want to break my fast, particularly as I’m nearly past the worst stage, the first few days.

Equally though, I don’t want to sit around a dinner table and be rude by not eating. Particularly as he’s gone to so much trouble preparing the meal. Also, I don’t want to make a fuss about the fact that I’m on a fast.

So I’ve decided that for tonight, I’ll break the fast.

I could easily continue my fast, sit around the dinner table and only drink herbal tea. But it would be ungracious to my daughter’s boyfriend, who is cooking this dinner especially for me.

There are times when we can be too fixed and rigid in our beliefs or endeavours, and forget that we’re living in the real world.

I will put my fast on “pause” and continue it tomorrow.

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36 thoughts on “PC #38 – Living in the real world

  1. Bill, I think that you’ve made the right decision. I would have asked if you were a guest of honour, in which case it would be incredibly rude not to eat. Once you accept a dinner invitation, you have kind of agreed to share the meal -unless you can make a deal with the host to maybe provide entertainment, or some such. Don’t eat anything abundantly rich, or just a tiny portion, drink lots of water to help flush everything through, and you should be able to get away with it.

    If anyone would like to invite me for dinner, I promise to eat the meal.Just saying.


    • Hi Sister,

      I think the same thing – and thanks for the advice about being parsimonious.

      Sometimes these things become attention seeking devices as well – which you have to be careful of. I didn’t want that.

      But I think the boyfriend is trying to make a good impression on me, and it would be very rude, and a slap in the face, to say that I wasn’t eating his meal.

      By the way, the meal is GOAT.

      Bill Sister.



    • Sister…I would welcome you into my Whare (home) for dinner anytime.
      I would offer you New Zealand roast leg of lamb and a Kiwi Pavalova.
      (invented by Kiwi’s of course. ;-).

      And Bill…I agree with everyone..you made the right decision.


  2. Hi Bill, Jennifer and Sister Simon –
    Bill and Jennifer – good luck with the dinner. You’ll both have a great time – beautiful food, cooked with love.
    Sister Simon – your advice is always like the lightest warm blanket that you wrap around Bill, Jennifer and all those who read and participate on this amazing blog – always exactly what’s needed – we all get to ‘share the blanket’. Thank you!
    Have a good week everyone – Jenny


      • It’s my absolute pleasure Sister… your major input adds so very much to what we all love so much about this very special and nurturing space … My love and light to you – Jenny


    • I only mention it because of your interest in, and skill with, languages.:-)


    • Hey Kat,

      I’m with you – I love goat, normally!

      Particularly grilled.

      I think though he’s doing some kind of marinade… I only found out about this yesterday, otherwise I would have started the fast after the dinner!



      • So then Sister Bill, when you said;’Guess what’s on the menu, GOAT’, you were trying to shock me?


      • Depends on the marinade. And I think you would find us much harder to shock than you might think. The right marinade will help pre-digest the meat for you. Much easier to digest.


  3. Dear Sister Clare, surely you can’t just leave us hanging there … tell more, please!! I grew up in a small town in Denmark, where the butcher’s yard (cobblestone and all to catch the blood so well!) was just across the road from the admin building of my family’s business. Squealing pigs and all, full carcass delivered to our basement kitchen for processing for family meals for months … a world so far removed from where we’re at today – but obviously it’s not something foreign to you, if we substitute pigs for goats!!! Mind you, I’d bet there’d still be a few places along The Way, where that lifestyle is still happening and fasting would be the last on their minds. And, please, Bill, I’m so not being judgemental here, so please don’t misinterpret my comment … it’s just that, a comment!


    • There’s nothing more flavourful than a freshly butchered corn fed pig!And I love pigs. They are so smart, and charming-also really nice to hug when they’re still small! I can’t begin to count the nights I sat out in the barn farrowing under the stars.


  4. Does your daughter’s boyfriend know you are fasting? Did you start the fast before or after you got the invitation (LOL!). I’m sure the superb company you will provide at the dinner table will deflect any attention the small amount of food you will eat might have caused.


    • Hi Kathy,

      I began the fast and the next day my daughter told me about the dinner.

      It was last night, and it was a great meal and get-together. My daughter’s boyfriend cooked a delicious free range hind quarter of goat and I broke my fast well and truly!

      As for me being superb company, I prattled on about the Camino, of course, and bored everyone senseless – except my wife who is long suffering…



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