Firstly, I’d like to thank Sister Clare for handling the blog so wonderfully while I enjoyed my wedding anniversary with my wife. Sister Clare’s choice of topic raised a lot of comment, and she moderated with her usual dollops of insight and wisdom.

Thank you Sister.

The title of today’s post refers to the four central tenant of PGS – which is how I walked the Camino. I walked the Camino intuitively, using what I call my Personal Guidance System.

If we’re to access our PGS – our intuition – then we have to Stop, Listen, Trust, and Follow.

Sounds simple, but it’s so hard to do.

Stop: In this world that we live in now, it’s really hard to stop. We have so many demands on our time, so many distractions. To find a time each day to stop requires effort, and discipline. But you can only begin to listen to your inner voice if you stop.

Listen: We’re surrounded by chatter. Visual and aural chatter. It’s everywhere. It’s noise. And we’ve become so used to it that we’re often not even aware of it. How can we hear our intuition trying to speak to us if it’s drowned out by all this incessant chatter? We have to rid ourselves of this cacophony, so we can truly listen.

Trust: This is a hard one. You might get an intuitive insight. A calling to do something. But it means stepping out over the ledge. Trusting there will be a safety net underneath if you jump. Trouble is, you can’t see the safety net. Trusting your PGS, your inner voice, takes enormous courage sometimes. But its essential if you want to reap the benefits that your intuition wishes to bestow on you.

Follow: You’ve stopped, you’ve listened, you’ve made up your mind to trust, and now you have to actually DO it. That too is hard. Your intuition won’t hand it to you on a plate. You have to go out and make it happen. This is not about pasting $100 bills on your bedroom ceiling and dreaming that you’ll become wealthy. This is about trusting what you’ve heard from your PGS, then following your guide. Your guide only wants to steer you in the right direction.

It’s not always direct though. Take the guy that follows his intuition and he goes bankrupt. He rails against the whole notion of following your “gut.” He’s out of a job, he’s lost his house, he’s broke. But now he’s got time on his hands so he sits down and writes the novel he’s always wanted to write. And it becomes a best seller. He becomes enormously wealthy.

He wouldn’t have written that novel, he would never had had the time or the motivation, if he hadn’t gone broke. If he hadn’t followed his intuition. It’s not always a direct and logical path.

In the book I’m currently writing, which I’m titling The Camino – the Intuitive Way,Β IΒ detail how I used my PGS each day of my walk. Invariably things worked out – but it wasn’t always easy, and there were times when things didn’t work out.

Those were the times I didn’t Listen, and Trust.

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83 thoughts on “PC #26 – STOP, LISTEN, TRUST, FOLLOW

  1. I’ve been following my own PGS since about 3 weeks into my 1994 Camino from Paris.

    It’s similar in most details to your own.

    I already had the Trust and Follow bits, that I’d learned on the semi-botched 1994 Camino ; Stop and Listen were actually the hard ones for me, especially the Stop … πŸ™‚

    Three weeks of almost complete solitude taught me the Listen ; the Stop was learned only when the Camino and the accumulated fatigue and stress of loneliness forced me to do so … The Stop was a VERY good move.

    Then a few days later I was in Saint-Jean Pied-de-Port, and suddenly there were other pilgrims than myself. That was fine, my PGS was up and running.

    And now, the PGS is drawing me back to Santiago, though I’ve no idea at all about when, though I suspect next year. We’ll see …

    (it can sometimes do some very weird things to you, this PGS — and let’s not be coy, it’s the Spirit — but it knows better than we do what’s best)


    • Dear Julian, you’re well on down the road.

      Some people call it Spirit, some people call it The Universe, some people call it God, some people call it “their gut!”

      I prefer to call it PGS so that others, according to their particular world view and level of spiritual acceptance, can make their own personal translation.

      So I’m not being coy, I’m being inclusive…




    • Bill, there are a couple of other things I could say on the subject, including the potential for spiritual danger in the PGS ; but these would be inappropriate even for an e-mail, and certainly for a public combox !!! (except perhaps in some focused religion, spirituality, or mysticism discussion groups)

      But you’re stopping short of teaching a mystic discipline per se, so I’m not sure such comments would even be relevant in the first lace …

      Besides, I trust your judgment.

      I’m just saying that face-to-face a more involved conversation about these matters would be possible… πŸ™‚


      • Hi Julian, I’m not teaching anything.

        Nor am I proselytising.

        I’m just elucidating stuff that I’ve gathered along my particular path. If others want to take something from it, then fine.

        The reason I don’t follow a particular religion, other than perhaps Buddhism, is for the very reasons you outline. In some religions, there is a dogged and fixed belief in the way the goal to “enlightenment,” again place whatever interpretation you wish on that term, should be achieved.

        I was surprised to see you write that the Catholic Church is against the use of yoga. If so, then that’s completely absurd.

        You never see the Dalai Lama condemning other people’s spiritual practices,



        • AGREED!!!But then I am considered orthodox Anglo-Catholic, not Roman Catholic, so our restrictions and directives are a bit different.


      • I was surprised to see you write that the Catholic Church is against the use of yoga

        The position of the Catholic Church concerning yoga is actually rather complex, and there’s no outright condemnation of it, if that helps.

        I *could* go into more detail, but only face-to-face, and even in that case it would be difficult to avoid misunderstandings…

        The Church teaches that yoga can only be practiced within certain conditions and limits — but the thing is, the best individual example I’ve yet to see of such proper practice by a Western Christian is actually Sister Clare’s approach to it — which is why I am so impressed.


  2. Bill, now that you’re home from the Camino, what do you do to get away from all the noise so you can access the stop/listen part of your PGS?

    Glad you’re pleased with how the blog went- I enjoyed it.Anytime I can help just let me know.


    • Dear Sister, you did a spectacular job, thank you!

      And the blog was keenly followed. We had 760 hits yesterday, which is huge. So you were doing something right!

      To answer your question – I do yoga. That gives me time away from the chatter. And within that particular physical, there comes a metaphysical. And to access my PGS, well, that works on several levels.

      Sometimes your PGS access YOU, through a “chance” coincidence or moment of synchronicity, or through an “agent” who might say an apparent offhand comment that triggers something inside you to make you suddenly decide to change course.

      In other words, you don’t only need to be in a meditative or contemplative state to plug into your PGS – sometimes your PGS walks up behind you and taps you on the shoulder!

      (You would call that “agent” of PGS an angel!)



      • I have to admit, Bill, that there are days I wish I could shut mine off. I do yoga, too, along with Centering Prayer, an ancient Christian form of meditation that in practise looks a bit like TM. Its spiritually a little more involved, but the goal is to achieve peace and uninterrupted interior silence so you can better tune in to the voice of the Spirit. I’ve been teaching and practising it for years, and owe a lot to the lessons it teaches me each day.


      • Dear Sister, so your “chatter” is from Spirit!

        That’s cool!

        You are a sensitive, and so this is your burden. And the people you come in contact with, including the people on this blog, benefit as a result.

        Thank you!



        • In truth, its a gift that is a pleasure to be able to use. When I was very young, before I knew about relaxation and selective focus, there would be days where I felt overwhelmed with all the things I was ‘hearing’. Once I learned to manage that, its been a wonderful blessing-and I know I would feel bereft if I were to lose it. It takes time to adjust once you realise the Spirit isn’t just there to bring good news, or easy to accomplish directives. Sometimes its like a holy “heads up!”,but it works out with a duck and follow sort of response.And a sense of humour helps with all of the things in life that make no sense at all, or at least seem to because we don’t have the capacity to understand all Mystery. I don’t think life would be as interesting if we understood everything!


      • Sister Clare, I’m impressed — that’s practically the *only* way to practice yoga without assaulting one’s own Christianity.

        The main reason why the Catholic Church condemns most practice of yoga is that virtually nobody ever takes exactly these spiritual precautions with it.


        • I have to say I’m stunned to find someone who actually knows that! Have you been, or are you a cleric, or have one in the family?


      • Sister Clare, the origins of my own spirituality, particularly at this level of intimacy, aren’t really something for such a public blog, even though we are among friends here, and even though Bill’s descriptions of his PGS are directly relevant to them.

        Let’s just say that no, I’m not a priest and have never practiced any sort of yoga nor will I ever do so, but a conversion from a personal revelation often opens up many avenues of spiritual understanding that are surprising even to oneself !!!

        I am SO glad, Sister, that we are clearly so much in agreement on these questions.

        Bill really has attracted a very high quality group of people to his blog …


        • I really think that true conversion can ONLY come through personal revelation and experience. I’ve always found your comments to be very interesting, and I am sometimes intrigued by the body of very specialised knowledge from which you seem to draw.However, as you say, on a public forum its difficult to truly reach a meaningful exchange on certain subjects.I would be so pleased if there ever were an opportunity for face to face exchange. As for my approach to yoga,because I take the pursuit of spirituality and mysticism very seriously and carefully, it simply was the only way that I could see to appropriately pursue it.


  3. Like you Bill, I don’t practice any particular religion but I do have a belief system that works for me. I was raised Christian and still believe in many of, what are to me, its basic principles. There are many beliefs in other religions and philosophies that also fit me.
    I have a guidance system that if I listen to it and trust what it’s telling me most usually steers me in the right direction. It is when I let fear, anger, resentment and mistrust overrule what my guidance system is telling me that I get in trouble. If I can’t seem to make a decision I usually write my delemma out in the form of a letter to God and ask for help in making my decision. Does the answer come from God, the Universe, my Higher Power or my Higher Self? Doesn’t really matter. What matters that the way I’m supposed to go just Feels right, it Feels peaceful.
    Tuning out the chatter of those around me is hard sometimes. But I didn’t realize until very recently just how much chatter was going on inside MY own head. Just last month I drove almost all the way home from vacation in VA to north Florida over 700 miles before I realized I never turned the book I was intending to listen to on.


    • Buddhists call it “monkey chatter,” Karen. And was it Buddha who said –

      “Those who speak, do not know –
      Those who know, do not speak.”

      With that, I’ll say no more!


      Other than to say thank you this post/comment – what you’re outlining above is really what I’m on about with this PGS thing – it doesn’t necessarily fit within the bounds of conventional religious structures – and yet it can too.



      • Bill it is true that “religion” doesn’t always do the job of leading and guiding us as it is supposedly meant to. So many people have negative experiences with organized religion, then unfortunately equate religion with God and reject both. Or reject the religion they grew up with and take on another. God must be constantly shaking his head at our thick-headedness.

        I understand Jabbapappa’s comments on Yoga. Though he did not want to elucidate, I figure if this blog is a place where we can discuss, then there is place to talk about this too. By way of explanation why the (Catholic) church would not condone the practice of Yoga:

        The Christian world-view recognizes the existence of both “good” and ‘bad” spirits so therefore emptying the mind can be dangerous, as barriers to the entrance of spirits are down. Centering Prayer however, as Sister Simon Clare mentions, is focussed on the Holy Spirit, quite the opposite of TM.

        Yoga is essentially a spiritual exercise of the Hindu religion, designed to open one up to the “spirit”. Hatha Yoga was introduced to the western world in the 70’s as a physical exercise. All that bending and breathing is really good for the body, and useful as a calming tool, it is true.
        It can also function as an introduction to a deeper level of spiritual experience through connecting with Hindu gods. When one advances beyond Hatha yoga one is given a mantra, which is basically the name of a Hindu god. So really you are sitting there chanting the name of a Hindu god, essentially offering that god your worship. Further, the purpose of TM is to empty the mind so it can be entered by a “spirit”.

        Christianity does not reject or condemn people, but rather warns against practices that can lead to spiritual danger. We are spiritual beings and I believe are meant to function on that level too in everyday life. But just like in the physical, there are safe places and not so safe places.

        I grew up a protestant Christian, then got involved in yoga. I became an instructor then was introduced to more advanced yoga. At one point I had to say NO. no further, for the reasons I mention above.

        I just thought it was worth some explanation.



        • Debra, thank you so much for taking the time to explain this. I started a post to the effect of reminding people that yoga is originally and at heart a religious practice. When you were teaching , did you find that people knew about the religious profile of yoga? I think many people have assumed its simply an Eastern form of excercise- the same thing happens when the origin of tai chi isn’t explained. Teachers have a responsibility to do that, I think, as people generally resist joining any religion. Its just a sad fact of contemporary life.


      • Hi Debra –

        tell me if I’m wrong here, because you’ve been a yoga instructor, but my understanding is that the yoga that we know is actually one part of Hatha Yoga, which in turn is just one strand of the larger yogic philosophy practiced by Hindus.

        My understanding is that Raja Yoga (or Royal Yoga), is that strand of yoga that trains the mind towards reaching enlightenment through, amongst other things, the use of meditation and contemplation.

        The asanas of Hatha Yoga – the yoga postures – came into being originally to give practitioners the physical strength and flexibility to remain in a meditative state for long periods of time.

        I’ve spent a lot of time in India over the past five years, working on a movie I’ll be doing soon on honour killings. I’ve got to know a lot of Indians, and many of the educated ones will tell you there are 49 million gods in the Hindu mythology – and yet they believe all those 49 million gods are different manifestations of one God.

        On my desk I have a little Ganesha, the Hindu elephant God that is the “clearer of obstacles.” On a nearby table I have a photo of Sai Baba. On my refrigerator I have a fridge-magnet of Jesus with the threefold flamed heart – the picture I posted the other day on this site. Beside my bed I have the Teachings of Buddha. And in a stack of books nearby I have the Vedas – the Hindu Vedic Scriptures. Somewhere in that stack I have the writings of Lao Tzu.

        Oh yes, and on my iPod I have the Bible in Audiobook. I was going to listen to it on the Camino, but I thought it would be better if I didn’t listen to anything other than the musings of my own mind.

        I believe there’s one God, and that God clothes himself/herself/itself in the robes that are best befitting a particular culture. I believe there is no one set and fixed way to commune with your God, whatever manifestation you see that God taking.

        Everyone comes at this stuff from their own particular cultural upbringing and world view. I don’t think there is any one right way or wrong way. I think if you have God in your heart, whether it be Ganesha, or the Mohammed, or Jesus Christ, or the Buddha, then surely that can’t be a bad thing.

        Where it does become a bad thing is if a follower becomes zealous, and tries to condemn or stop others from following their own religious or spiritual practice. That’s how wars have started.

        Each person finds their own path along their own spiritual journey. Take the Camino as an example. There’s not just one Camino – the Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port. There’s also the Camino from Porto, from Seville, from Le Puy, and there’s also the Camino from the front door of the pilgrim’s own home, wherever that might be.

        The ribbing of the scallop shell represents all those various paths leading to the one place – Santiago de Compostela. It’s the same with the pathways to God.



        • Hi Bill,

          Thank you for your detailed response. Sorry for the late reply. We are farmers and cheese makers, and do some farmers markets. We get started really early and get back late…

          I agree with you, there is only one God (there can only be, though I believe there are lots of gods) I believe we are spiritual beings, and that the “real” and world is a spiritual one. And yes, that there are safe and unsafe places, as you so vividly describe and experienced with the crow and snake experience. I have also had experiences that required, as Sister Simon noted, prayer and fasting.

          I also agree with you that the disagreement over religion is one of the most common reasons for conflict, indeed war, in human history. Tragic. Religions are not known for embracing the tenets of differing faiths within their structure. Basically Hindus don’t embrace Muslim beliefs. Muslims don’t embrace Christian beliefs. Christians don’t embrace Buddhist beliefs etc etc (though there is instance of adapting dates, rites, rituals etc in order to proselytize).

          In your analogy of the Caminos, I think the various paths could also represent individual lives all leading to God, rather than various religions all leading to one place (in reality some paths actually don’t lead to “Santiago” at all, but can veer off in the opposite direction)…but you know what? What I think is of no real consequence to anyone else, as ultimately truth is truth no matter what I think, or what anyone else thinks, for that matter.

          And you know what is wonderful? It is not for me to judge. I believe God is big enough to look after this alone, without me worrying about it! Every human being has his or her own path, and I believe the Spirit of God will call each one of us, in our own life, our own culture, our own circumstances. One of my favourite scriptures is this:”Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will answer you, and you will honour (glorify) me.” Each one of us is free to call upon God. When the call is from the heart, God will answer. I am convinced.

          Condemning others for what they believe is simply wrong. We are called to love, without condition. That is all.
          How we all wish all humans could follow that.

          As for my personal experience with yoga, my PGS said “stop”. So I stopped πŸ™‚

          In friendship,


          • Dear Debra,

            What a wonderful reply – thank you!

            I agree with all you’re saying here.

            And if your PGS said stop, then you were wise to stop!



  4. I am glad to know I am not alone. The chatter last evening saved my life or at least serious injuries. So as much as it can be noisy like heck, thank you for nattering away at me whilst I was driving home from a lovely evening out with friends. I witnessed and dodged a motorcycle accident in front of me… “SLOW DOWN” was all I heard and much sorrow has been averted. I wonder if the motorcyclist heard that too, because he hit the brake so hard, the back of his motorcycle lifted and then flipped over him, rolling over and over, he flew off the bike, lost his helmet, but somehow rolled to the side of the highway and ended up in a sitting position, gazing to the heavens and gasping. 2 m further, and his bouncing would have happened all over me. For my slowing down, there was much distance between the cars and space for him to do those summersaults without involving anyone else. It was difficult for me to find sleep last night, seeing re-runs over and over. Thankful for another beautiful day! Light and Love Ingrid


    • My goodness Ingrid – what a story!

      You both are very lucky!

      When you said you heard “Slow down,” were you talking about your inner voice, or was it someone yelling out?

      Irrespective, it must have been very disturbing and upsetting.

      Coincidently, I had a close shave this arvo too – someone went straight through a stop sign. I missed him by only a couple of feet. Shook me up too.



    • I’m glad you’re ok, Ingrid. That kind of experience imprints on my brain, too over and over til it wears itself out. But now that you mention it, I can recall a couple of times when chatter saved me-so I try not to complain too much!I just get really fatigued sometimes..


      • Late evening, lots of cars on the road, this is a highway going out of the city to the north, always busy, but extremely so yesterday, a baseball game had just finished (the Blue Jays lost 😦 ) and everyone was on the road and traffic was slow to start with. Motorbikes can be like mosquitos, they zoom in and out, but this was not the case here. Just one of those things and very grateful for the nattering this time. πŸ™‚


        • Ingrid, I trust you are saying you don’t know if you mentioned Toronto, and not that you
          dont know if you live there!
          If you do live in Toronto we should think about getting together before the snow flies!


    • Sister, to answer your query whether people knew about yoga being an eastern religious exercise, the answer is no. As you say, it was seen as as a physical exercise. Something new and wonderful. It seems a lot of credit is given eastern religions without much real research, in my case as well in those days.

      ps I didn’t know how to respond to the bottom of your post as there was no reply button, so have replied on the bottom of Ingrid’s, (such a scary story! So thankful for your safety!). I guess I should maybe click the “notify me of follow-up comments via email” box?? I will try that now….


  5. Dear Sister,
    I would be very interested in hearing more about your “Centering Prayer” and where you teach it. I too have many voices chattering away at me. Mostly it is my 19 yr daughter, the love and light of my life who was called home in Oct 2009. Her voice I always welcome. But because I am so opened some times it is voices not so welcome that I need to be able to send away.


    • Emily, I teach wherever I am. Its best if its over a couple of days, so we can run through 3-4 sessions. That way if there are problems, “getting stuck”,or having difficulty reaching and maintaining inner silence,slowing yourself, we can stop, iron it out when it happens,and carry on. Then I know when I leave, the student can manage the basic meditation and problem solving.I am always in touch with anyone I work with to encourage and support. I’m glad you have some contact with your daughter.


      • Hi Sister,
        I am very intrigued and would like to hear more. Is there a way I could contact you privately?


      • Also Sister, thank you for your kind words. You may have heard about my daughter, Taylor’s passing. She was a very promising singer songwriter who had just released her first CD and was touring the East Coast. While she was in Cape Breton she decided to hike part of the Cabot Trail because she also loved nature and wildlife, While hiking she was attacked and killed by coyotes.

        I was opened wide after she passed and I believe there was a message in how she died and that I have become the messenger. The message being that we need to re-learn how to coexist with wildlife and re connect with nature.

        My biggest problem is how to do this. I know that I am being led because of all the amazing things that have happened to me. I have worked with the National Geographic on a documentary and also with the National Film Board on a documentary that will be released later this year.

        After being on the Camino and being so wide opened I now feel a little (stuck) maybe not really sure. I just know that I don’t know the way forward like I felt I did before. I almost think I have been led to you as I was led to many other people.

        A lot of the things you have said on this blog have really resonated with me and I think I need to sit and talk with you. And then maybe have a chat with Bill about my PGS which I call the “Divine Spirit”

        Love and Light


        • Oh, Emily, I know who you are!I remember hearing about Taylor and how she had died, and even then it felt like a cold stake going through my heart. Please don’t be offended, but I remember thinking it could have been me. Im often in the woods here and normally encounter coyotes, bears, and recently a small cougar. I’ve never feared animals or nature, and no one who loves it wants . to have to live in that fear-I just want their space restored to them all.I used to walk into wolves all the time in Algonquin Park and around the Sault.Yes, we are connected, and I will find a way to make this work.Emily, I am so sorry for your pain.Knowing it was Taylor explains of course how you are still in contact–she was especially sensitive!


        • Emily, I can’t imagine what you’ve been through.

          You must be unbelievably strong.

          I’m happy to chat via email, if you wish – bill@billbennettfilms.com – or by phone. I can call you.

          Irrespective, it’s wonderful that you’ve landed here at this blog. Sister Clare is a divine spirit. And there is a community here that is very respectful and supportive.



  6. Sister, when you said “But then I am considered orthodox Anglo-Catholic, not Roman Catholic, so our restrictions and directives are a bit different.” may I ask you, is this related to what I call the Old Catholic church? If so, I have another story.


    • We share some things with the Old Catholic church, yes.We’re a bit of an odd mix. I would love to hear(read) another story!


  7. How amazing that by following this blog, people who need a special connection, now find a way to do so!!! How unlikely is it that out of all the Camino blogs out there in the ether, Emily and Sister Clare have managed to meet here …


      • Its PGS, Bill! I really believe that one of its most important roles is bringing people who need one another, or have gifts to share, together.


      • Yes, the Universe works in mysterious ways πŸ™‚

        I also have a story about Stop, Listen, Trust and Follow from the Camino.
        When I was walking over the mountain to Roncesvalles it was very windy which made it hard to walk. I would walk so many steps then stop and catch my breath and go on. One of the times I stopped a voice said “Turn around and see where you have come from” I turned around and at eye level and no more than 20ft away an eagle flew past. Just up ahead of him there were 2 other eagles swooping around and coming back. As the eagle flew past me he turned his head and looked me right in the eye. I always say that I am spiritual not religious but in that moment I truly felt God. And the funny thing was just before this there were people ahead of me and people behind but just then there was no one else around except for my friend who was about 100ft ahead. She was watching the whole thing and said from where she was it looked like the eagle almost hit me he was that close. It was a very powerful moment and it brings me to tears once again just writing this. If I hadn’t listen to the voice telling me to turn around I would never have seen them…..
        Love and Light,


  8. Also Bill, how amazing that Sister and I only live a few hours away from each other met on a blog written by a man who lives thousands of miles away from us….


  9. Emily – that’s an amazing story about the eagle.

    Thank you for posting it.

    A similar thing happened to me once many years ago, while I was interviewing a very famous, and very elderly “black tracker,” an aboriginal who used spiritual tracking skills to find criminals, missing persons in the desert etc.

    We were in the bush behind Adelaide, and I asked this fellow about Kadaicha magic – powerful aboriginal black magic – and just as I asked the question, I sensed something coming at me. A huge crow, a black crow, swooped down from a tree and nearly took my head off. I had to duck fast to avoid it as it flew at me. The crow then landed on a high branch and stared at us.

    The black tracker freaked out and ran off – and I got out of there pretty fast too.

    When I got home, back in Sydney, it was dark and I walked up to my front door. And as I was about to step up and open the door, I sensed something, once again – and I looked down.

    A black snake was curled on my Welcome Mat at the front door. And here I was, living in the centre of Sydney. I’d never seen a black snake around the house before, and never since.

    If I hadn’t looked down and seen that snake, I would have trodden on it and it would have bit me. Black snakes in Australia are deadly.

    Strange, huh?



    • Bill, occurences like that seem strange, well they are-but they certainly grab your attention, and thats what both good and bad spirit and even earth energies do. They always have a message when they appear like that, and can’t deliver it unless they give us a jolt. It was the presence of your PGS that made you look down and avoid stepping on the black snake. Eagles, crows, ravens, snakes and so many others have very strong spirit presences,and acknowledging them is important. If you choose to try ignoring them, these spirits just keep trying in bigger and bigger and more peculiar (couldn’t resist, sorry) ways.


      • Dear Sister – you’re right, and I believe that. The tracker believed it too. He didn’t want to talk about aboriginal black magic, and when that crow dive-bombed me, he fled.

        And then for that black snake to appear on my doorstep when I arrived back home – surely that was no coincidence. I don’t believe it to be. I think both were manifestations of that black magic spirit that the tracker didn’t wish to discuss.



    • Wow! thanks for sharing that! It gave me goosebumps. It just goes to show that there is so much out there that is unexplainable but very real none the less. So glad you listened to your GPS πŸ™‚


  10. What an amazing collection of postings on this topic. Most interesting reading.
    I have taken a few days out of the technical loop and routine of work to take my mother ( a sprightly 87 year old) to visit my daughters and grandchildren interstate and spend time with family members. I am home and have just started to catch up on the blogs.

    It was very refreshing to step away from my dependence on “connectedness”- email, blogs, Internet, etc. I feel we have become too dependent on connectivity. Being in the city was quite challenging for me- the noise, speed, traffic, crowds. Any wonder we have an increase in mental health cases, crime, illness, stress.

    In reflecting on this blog topic, i am thankful that this amazing group of people have connected with each other. Is this coincidence? I think not.
    I often find that I am stopping and giving thanks for the guidance of the Spirit. Some may call it intuition. Others – a coincidence. Something will call me back inside to get a forgotten item, only to realise that I have left behind something more important. A person I have been thinking about will call unexpectedly. An answer to a problem will be found. Just when I am feeling a bit ordinary, something special will happen.
    I guess we have to stop for long enough to recognise these signs, as so many have already described.


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