Post Camino #19 – Resonance

The other night I had a vivid dream I was walking along an early section of the Camino – from Zubiri to Larrasoana.

In the dream I recalled detail I thought I'd forgotten – the little waterfalls in the creek beside the stream, the coffee stop and the breakfast I ordered. A stone farmhouse on a hill framed through blossoming trees.

These kind of recollections leap at me through the day, too.

For no apparent reason, I'll suddenly recall moments walking, or stretches of the track. The most vivid of these recollections are always about The Way, not about the pilgrims I met on The Way.

It's as though the power of the track itself, the Camino, won't let go of me. It's as though it has burnt itself into my psyche.

But what's strange is that, in my mind, I can remember what was over the next hill, what was around the next corner, what was beyond the bridge.

My memory's usually not that good!

But there are things I grasp to remember, too. And that's what makes me want to go back and walk it again.


4 thoughts on “Post Camino #19 – Resonance

  1. Before we walked the Camino, I could not conceive of wanting to do it again. But now I do want to walk it again. It does take hold of you. Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2013 22:58:50 +0000 To:


  2. Two years later, and I still dream I’m walking the Camino. In my waking hours I can recall such details about the journey (and I don’t have such a memory either). Perhaps it was the slower pace of walking. I was not passing events in a blur, but actually living them. There was only “now” for me on the Camino and none of life’s distractions. The reality of that existence I think enhances memory. I also respect what the Camino is. I will be more physically fit when I do the Camino Norte.


    • Hi Jasmyn, yes, I think taking it slowly is the key to it. I did that because of my photography, but also because of my crook knee.

      There were times when I went faster, and that had its own rewards as well. Sometimes it’s good to feel the rhythm of a swift walk

      But yes, being fit sure does help!



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