Post Camino #15 – Little Changes

I've already mentioned a big change since walking the Camino – I no longer need glasses.

But I've also noticed little changes.

Since coming back, I now keep my mobile phone on silent. I can't handle hearing it ring. And if I miss a call because I haven't heard it, I don't care. I used to obsessively respond to my phone. Not anymore.

I don't do Facebook anymore, either. Not like before.

Before the Camino, I'd have posted at least four to six times a day. Since returning, I've posted perhaps maybe six times in five weeks. It seems folly now. And ego driven.

Also, I used to always put the alarm on at night. The house is securely locked, but still I would always arm the security alarm. Not anymore.

Personal grooming – I used to use moisturiser each day. Didn't on the camino. Haven't since. And I still haven't put a battery in my razor.

Little changes. They actually mean big things…


13 thoughts on “Post Camino #15 – Little Changes

  1. Oh Bill, what can i say. You are liberating yourself from the Old Bill. I can’t wait to see what happens to you after your second camino!


  2. You’re so right, Bill. The “little”things flake off to reveal the new person underneath. Its wonderful that you are tuned into yourself so much that you are aware them!


  3. One day you just might put a blade in your razor as you think about all the waste of using disposables;-) Sometimes simplicity turns out to be less straightforward.
    BUT BUT BUT I applaud the decision you are making and the changes you are allowing to occur.
    Have you read “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry”? I just read it this week and kept thinking of you (not that you are like him or the story is anything like yours – maybe it was the transformation)


  4. I have a beard instead, now — so I just use scissors to trim it !!!

    (but then I simply don’t like the way I look clean-shaven)


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