Post Camino Post #12 – I can SEE!!

Before the Camino, I used to wear glasses. I wore glasses for 15 years.

Now I don’t need them anymore.

Something happened on the Camino.

I used to need glasses for my long distance sight. I took two pairs with me on my Camino – my regular wire-framed glasses, and a pair of prescription Polaroid sunglasses.

Early on I discovered it was too much trouble to wear the regular glasses because I was forever taking them on and off when I was taking photos. I did though at times need my prescription sunglasses, so I wore them for about a week, until they broke. I had to throw them away.

I still needed sunglasses though, not only to stop glare (yes, I was lucky with sunny days on my walk!), but also to keep dust out of my eyes when the wind blew.

I didn’t have time to wait around for an optician to make up a new script for sunglasses, so I bought a €45 pair of normal Polaroid glasses. I began to wear them.

I discovered that I was able to see perfectly fine. Detail in the distance began to come into focus. Soon I was able to read signs that I couldn’t have read without prescription glasses.

What happened? Two things, I think:

  1. I relaxed. The Camino relaxed me, and took the tension not only out of my body, but out of my eyesight. When the muscles in my eyes relaxed, I was able to see better.
  2. I began to exercise those muscles in the same way I was exercising other muscles while walking the Camino. My eye muscles had become lazy with glasses. The optics did all the work for them. When I had to use my eyes without the aid of prescription glasses, they responded.

Today I drove 600kms – it took me 8hrs. Usually when I drive such long distances, my eyes get tired and I need my glasses, otherwise I get headaches. Not today. Only when I was driving into the setting sun late in the day did I put on my €45 Polaroids – the ones I’d bought in Spain.

It seems now I don’t need prescription glasses anymore.

Thank you, Camino! 


BIll in NZ sm

18 thoughts on “Post Camino Post #12 – I can SEE!!

  1. That my friend is so very awesome……I got goose bumps reading that.

    I am so very happy for you!!!!

    It goes well with a comment that you or Steve made the other day that “Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.” If only we would just take the time to give them a chance.

    You did……. and WOW!!!!!


    • ha ha – I don’t think it’s one of those miracle moments Steve – I mean, I’ve come back from the Camino and I still can’t walk properly, with my crook knee! – but its certainly been quite surprising. I had my glasses for a long time, and felt they were absolutely necessary. I’ve discovered they’re not.


  2. This doesn’t surprise me at all, Bill. Not only is it your new awareness of the body-mind connection in so many illnesses;its a result of your widening and more sensitive view of yourself, your place in the world. Truly, you “can see clearly now” and no longer need a lense to interpret what you see.As well, when you consider all the miracles that have happened on the Way over the centuries,how could those energies not migrate up and into you when you were ready to receive them?Once our eyes have been opened, you can see miracles and the Presence of God, everywhere.


    • Dear Sister – I’m not sure that I’m ready to accept the concept of miracles, especially as I’ve said to Steve in the post above that my bung knee is still bung! I wish I could “see” and “walk!”

      But that said, yes I do believe that the Camino contains an energy that seeps into you in the most subtle of ways – and I regard it as being the soul imprint of everyone, all the millions of pilgrims, who have walked that path before me.



      • Bill, before you throw out the baby with the bathwater, don’t confuse “miracles” with “miraculous energies”” The latter refers more to that specially charged energy that emanates from ancient places in particular. Its a force coming from the created earth, whereas a miracle is an event coming directly from the Creator, whoever you believe that to be.And it requires your freely given acceptance and participation,too.

        Just saying….


      • Ah Sister – I very much believe in miraculous energies, yes. This in fact is a theme that runs through many of my movies, although sometimes those energies are not benign.

        I believe in the concept of Ley Lines, very much so, but I also believe in the notion that every energy has an equal and opposite energy, and I believe there are places of evil in the world too – such as The Killing Fields in Cambodia, the Holocaust camps such as Auschwitz, the ancient South American Sun God sacrificial sites etc, … oh, and of course Wall Street.


        But I believe that the Camino is a repository of miraculous energies, as you put it, and that repository is being constantly filled each day by every pilgrim that traverses it.



      • Miracles are a gift, Bill, but we only get the miracles that we need, not the ones that we want.

        Sounds like some sort of connection with your dream, too.


  3. Bill…I am so happy for you!! I truly believe you opened up your heart and soul in your walk. You accepted what came at you and in return ….the Camino gave back to you!! You are truly an inspiration to so many people…I am so glad that your blog just showed up on my web page!


  4. Bill –

    I just checked back to see how your blogging was going and found this. I had to laugh with delight!

    Just after the New Year, I picked up a project with a client and was having terrible headaches after a day at the computer. My wife looked at me finally and said – “Go have your eyes checked – this is ridiculous!”

    As a good husband would, I went to the eye doctor and after the exam, he looked at me and said “WHAT did you do?”

    While not free of glasses, my sight had improved 5% in one eye and 7% in the other – – across the board! He said that the best that could be expected “at your age” (I’m 58) is 1, maybe 2% improvement per year at most. My prior exam was in early September, I received an “improved” prescription in early April.

    Miracle, miraculous energy – I really do not care which.

    Simply B


  5. Hi Brendan, yes it is amazing isn’t it. I’m sure it can be explained a dozen different ways medically, but I do think it’s the energy of the Camino.

    Thanks for coming back to the blog, too!



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