Post Camino #8 – I had a Dream…

I had a dream.

(Sorry, Martin Luther King Jr…)

Okay, yes I'm jet lagged, having just arrived back in Australia from Spain. But in this dream, just now, I was standing alone in the Cathedral in Santiago.

I had a rifle.

I picked up the rifle and I aimed at the largest and most beautiful stained glass window in the Cathedral.

And I fired.

I watched with horror as the bullet hit one of the small glass panels, and made a tiny hole. And then the hole grew. And then the whole panel shattered and glass started falling to the floor.

And then another panel broke, and then another.

And as I stood there watching, stunned at what I'd done, stunned at the destruction I was causing, the entire huge stained glass window – the major centrepiece of the Cathedral – shattered and disappeared before my eyes.

I was left staring out into this void, into the sky, where the beautiful glass had just been.

I woke up from this nightmare, literally gasping with shock. Then I turned and looked at the time.

It was 3:33am

Anyone who's read my blog will know that a couple of times on the Camino, I'd woken up at 3:32am and had chastised the Universe for short-changing me a minute.

This morning, I got that minute.

So I did a Google search on the significance of 3:33. And here's the results:


18 thoughts on “Post Camino #8 – I had a Dream…

  1. That’s a pretty inspiring message, isn’t it!I am always awed at the ways God finds to speak to us.So from what I read, this is God confirming for you that you are on the right path, a path that includes travel. That’s momentous considering what you have just accomplished, shedding the “old” man, listening to your inner guidance system-you are making exactly the right steps at the right time. May we all be so blessed. Now,for my own curiosity, I’m going to check the symbolism of the gun and the stained glass windows-although what I would take from it, since you saw the universe revealed when the window fell, is that God will show you the full truth of the way you have chosen for yourself,and how to share it with the world.Congratulations!


    • Dear Sister – thank you for this interpretation! I must admit, the dream, and the timing, were very strange!

      I’ll have to do some research on it too – but one of the interpretations I place on it is my attempt to break through the pretty artificial barriers of established doctrines to see the real truth that lies behind it all –

      And the timing – 3:33am – is just a reminder that I’m on track…

      But, who knows….



      • Bill, you are on the right track and your interpretation is absolutely correct. For a long time i have to deal with 11:11, but lately is 911 and it drives me crazy. You are a changed man and you know it. Keep listening. I loved Sister Simon Claire interpretation. Take care


      • Bill,First I want to thank you for sharing your story and beautiful photos. I found it all very inspiring and touching. I’ve been doing dream interpretation for several years as part of my work as a Spiritual Counsellor and Anglican nun. If you are intetested I think you have my email. If not, blessings to you and best of luck.


      • Dear Ariam – the dream was so vivid, and I woke up really quite shocked and feeling guilty at what I’d done – but then I turned and looked at the time, and when I saw it was 3:33am, I was then REALLY spun out.

        And the Google search only compounded that… !



      • Dear Sister – thank you! I’d love for you to give me a dream interpretation.

        My email is:

        And thank you for your kind words on the photos and writing. I’m now seriously looking at combining this blog, and expanding it out, into an e-book.



  2. Wow, Blll, you are like the energizer Bunny. You just keep on going and going. I don’t have any thoughts on your dream, but know that you will get to the bottom of it. At least it tells me that you are getting some sleep. I am sure it is really hard to get beyond that much jet lag.


    • ha ha – yep, I DO sleep – just not when everyone else sleeps! My sleep patterns are like a constant jet lag!

      Hope you’ve both had a great day off – just one day of rest can be incredibly restorative, can’t it? With your body and legs and feet, but also your spirits. Especially when you’re in a beautiful city like Burgos.

      Looking forward to hearing how you like the Meseta!



      • In Hormilla now and feeling a little stronger, but honestly, my feet still hurt a lot by the end of the day. About 20 more walking days I assume. Will arrive Santiago on Jill’s birthday, or there abouts.


  3. Huh !!!

    You shouldn’t take such hings lightly, and it seems that you’re not.

    Gospel of John : (not many Books in Scripture have 33+ verses in their third chapters)

    3:32 Et quod vidit, et audivit, hoc testatur: et testimonium eius nemo accipit.

    (And what he has seen and heard, about this he testifies ; and [yet] no one accepts his testimony.)

    3:33 Qui accepit eius testimonium, signavit quia Deus verax est.

    ([But] whoever has accepted his testimony has certified that God is truthful.)


  4. As many of us have said before, your honesty, humility, and willingness to share your soul with us is unmatched by anything else I have read about the Camino. I love all of the 333 representations…..the Trinity….achieving perfection. Any and all of those representations would be icing on the cake visions for a Camino pilgrim. On the other hand, it really doesn’t matter what we all think because any interpretation is inherently personal. With that preface, I have to confess that when I first read the passage you wrote about shooting out the windows of the cathedral, I wondered if your subconscious was trying to tell you, “Enough dwelling in and of the Camino. Now…go into the world and share what you learned.” More than anything, I believe because you deliberately exercised your intuition and learned to listen, your PGS is now stronger than ever, and you will know in your heart the answer. Maybe the idea that we can strengthen our intuition will be one of the things you explore for your movie.


    • Hi Julie – it’s funny coming home because I look around and remember my nervousness and excitement on the eve of my leaving for Spain. I was very keyed up, and in retrospect it was probably a mistake getting into St.Jean at 4:30pm on the Tuesday, after flying all the way from Sydney, and then walking to Roncesvalles at 7:30am the next morning.


      • Oops – to continue:

        I feel coming back now that I’ve changed in subtle and not so subtle ways, and yet of course I’m the same person. I’ve been wavering as to whether I should now do an ebook, but emails such as yours Julie are important in that they, you, have convinced me that I should, and that it is part of my journey to do so.

        Because in writing further, I’ll discover more. More about the Camino, more about its impact and effect on me and others, and ultimately I’ll discover more about myself.

        So once again, your communications with me have been very important.

        Thank you.



  5. For me dreams can be a place of clarity and revelation. Some dreams are just fanciful, escapism and mean nothing, and then there are those dreams that you just KNOW are sending you message. Like you I search out documented “dream meanings.” Some resonate, and some do not.

    The master number 33 is a possible consideration, but I’m more struck by the 3:33, which in numerology is 9 (3+3+3). Nine is the number of completion and endings. It sets you up for space of creation and inspiration. This seems to parallel the “void” you saw when you shot out the beautiful glass. All things begin and are created out of voids. Such as “the big bang” or story of creation depending on your spiritual bent. Is it possible that there is something you are looking to create out of your Camino experience? It might be the right time to seek out that experience.

    In the end though, what really matters is what the dream meant to you. How did you feel about how the dream made you feel?

    You may want to try this experiment. Place two chairs facing each other. Sit in one chair and ask yourself what does the rifle mean to me? Sit in the other chair and ask what do stain glass windows mean to me? Go back to first chair and ask, what did the destruction of the stain glass mean to me? Continue on with the symbology in the dream. It’s usually best to pick the top three things that had the most profound effect on you. Then piece to together the threads, and this will give you the narrative for your personal guidance system (love that by the way; PGS).

    I like the common thread I read in the replies to this post. I hope we have been helpful.




    • Hi Jasmyne – sorry for the tardy reply, but I’ve now started writing the ebook, and it’s begun to consume me.

      Thank you for the thought and the insight above. You’ve given me a huge amount to think about. And your suggestion about asking myself about the meaning of the dream is a good one.

      At the very least, what the dream has told me is that there are changes afoot within me, as a result of this walk. If the dream had existed just in its own right, then I wouldn’t be as affected as it existing within the context of the 3:33.

      That to me gave the dream more significance. Suddenly I realised that there was more going on here than “was dreamt of in your philosophy,” if I can misquote Hamlet. That’s when I started to hear the Twilight theme.

      I don’t know how much of this is bound up in my take on intuition, and my concept of a Personal Guidance System, which I believe is spiritually based. I’m not sure.

      All I know right now is that I have to write this ebook, and I have to make it available fairly quickly, and I have to keep on telling stories. Truthful stories.

      Because that’s all I can offer…



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