Camino Audit #7 – Those that affected me…

Here are photos of some people whom I met on my Camino, and who had an impact on me.

There are some others that I didn’t get photos of – like Boris, Renata, Meta, and some others too, and some whose permission I forgot to get, and so won’t post their pic.

Then there were those who I met who I never got their names – but their memory will linger. Like the bloke who’d walked from le Puy, and was walking to Santiago then Lisbon and back. And Pieter, from Holland, who I only met briefly outside Ponferrada but he showed me that walking could be effortless.

If I’ve got the names wrong, or the spelling wrong, please forgive me… But know that you had a strong influence on my Camino experience.

Balazs – from Hungary, who I met in the taxi to St. Jean, and who lent me his towel to ice my knee.

Laszlo – who was also in the taxi. The man most likely not to succeed, and he nailed it.

Rosa, also in the taxi to St. Jean – a beautiful soul…


The crazy Korean couple –

Balazs and Laszlo in Pamplona –

Bruce – a retired Professor of Veterinary Science from University of Southern California.


My Santa Domingo Angel – Estrella (she helped me with my infected heel blister)

Ivan the Terrible and Giovanna (outside Burgos) Ivan guided me into Burgos through the parkland, avoiding the terrible traffic of the main route in. He and his wife became my very good friends throughout the Camino.

Bob and Joan ( first sighting!) Bob and Joan, from Berkley California, also became close friends, and dinner companions. Wonderful extraordinary people – you can tell in this wide shot, right?

Here they are in closer view:

Emmanuel – an aspiring Austrian filmmaker. I gave him some advice on his career.

Soren and Francis (These guys helped me in Pamplona)

Rosa –

A wonderful couple from Boadilla –

The Boadilla Couple MWS

Fernando (an Aussie) and the lasses from France and Romania.

Frannie and Lucy, sisters, from the US

Frannie + Lucy

Ben, the Chemical Engineer from South Africa who saw errors in the Universe. I wished I’d spent more time talking to him.

…. from the San Fernando Valley, California.

The Five Stork trio, from Australia. (These blokes classified the towns they walked through by the number of storks nesting in the church bell towers.)

The 5 Stork Trio

A wonderful Spanish lady, from near the Iron Cross

The gorgeous Italian lass (Luana?). A bloke carried her backpack for her because she had bad knees. Why wouldn’t you?

Caroline and Francis

Caroline leaving Burgos – Caroline was from Australia too.


Andy and his wife Roberta from Newfoundland. Andy couldn’t see beauty in the crappy shack I was photographing…

Andy & Roberta

Gordon – his second Camino within a year, because he felt he missed things the first time…

A Canadian couple carrying their 11 month old baby on the Camino. They started in Leon.

A Japanese cyclist I photographed on the Meseta. He wanted to know why I was photographing him, and I told him he looked like an alien. He laughed all the way to the next village.
The Alien

Dwayne – a terrific bloke from the US who was very kind to me, and we became close friends. He was a very strong walker and would always pass me, then be amazed the next day when he passed me again! (I walked longer hours than him!) He too developed knee issues.


Catherine, a beautiful Irish woman who, through vigorous conversations, helped me walk 22kms one day without stopping!


I’ve forgotten the name of this young lady. She was from Finland, and had recently finished her studies. We walked for a few hours and had a good chat. Never saw her again. That’s the Camino.

Finish girl

Ivan the Terrible. You can see from this shot why his parents named him so…

Ivan the Terrible

Nayoung and her mother – they were from South Korea and we traveled some distance together. Nayoung was very emotional when she saw me in the Cathedral in Santiago. She really didn’t think I would make it.

Nayoung and her mother

Sigrid, a wonderful lady whom I met in O Cebreiro, then bumped into her again a few days later. We had some good chats too… and she took my photo at the 100km mark.

Sigrid 1

The Spanish girls who invited me to join them for breakfast!

Soren, from Switzerland, who steamed past me going up O Cebreiro.

Laszlo, about 80 kms from Santiago. My goodness he’s lost some weight!


The two Irish girls who kept me laughing on the last day’s walking…


Some shots of reunions at Santiago –

The Five Stork Trio doing a side on shot to show their wives how much weight they’d lost –

The 5 Stork Trio side on

Ivan the Terrible greeting me in Santiago –

Ivan greeting me

Bob and Joan were exceptional walkers, and wonderful human beings –

Bob & Joan

The Taxi Trio reunited –

The Taxi trio

The symbol of the Camino on the side of a building in Santiago –


18 thoughts on “Camino Audit #7 – Those that affected me…

  1. Thank you for posting these wonderful audits of your Camino… They sort of underline so many of the reasons why I want to do this in the autumn…

    (and they made my eyes wet – damn you ;-)))


      • Thanks Bill. They say the high road is open tomorrow but windy and cold, so Jill and I are opting out of that and taking the low one. It is cold and windy in SPP. I might not have brought enough clothes, so I will have to walk harder to work up a sweat. Been great knowing you through your blogs and the timing is perfect with us starting right behind you. You have been great and already, I see how much work it is to maintain a blog and respond to comments. Wow!!


  2. Whoah…..I remember seeing nearly all of those photos reading through the blogs…but seeing them all together like that is amazing. You have a talent for capturing the spirit of someone. Now that is a gift.
    I mentioned before that I also enjoy looking at people because I am studying what they are wearing (especially their shoes) to see what seems to work for people.

    These are just stunning.
    I am also very impressed that you only used photos of people that gave permission. I think that is very respectful.


    • Hi Abbey – I always did that; asked if it was ok if I put their picture in my blog. And of course, I always asked permission to take the photos of the local people – and spent some time with them showing them the shots I took of them. Just so that the process wasn’t exploitative. Bill


  3. Brilliant, Bill. So much joy in each face. Every day I look forward to your updates, both the pictures and the words. Hubby and I took one of our longer walks today and I tried out my poles for the first time. Going to take some work to not feel cumbersome, but glad to see so many of your “people” using them. I wasn’t sure, but learning from your experience. Thank you, thank you!


    • Thank you Julie. What I find interesting is the “glow” in the faces – the energy that comes through. And I can highly recommend the walking sticks. They helped me enormously. Bill


  4. Also started the camino April 10 2013 from St Jean and met many of the same inspiring people you did.
    Thank you for the pics!

    Johanna (from Holland)


  5. Bill, I love these pics. I often think that I want to have complete solitude on my journey but looking at the pictures of all the wonderful people you met along your way I cannot wait to create those lasting memories/friendships as well. You truly seem to capture the essence of people in your shots. Amazing and wonderful at the same time. By the way, do you think that you might try different caminos in the future? Just curious. JN


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