6 thoughts on “Day 24+ A beautiful lady.

  1. Hi, she is definitely a beautiful lady. By her appearance I fear that she is undernourished. Did you manage to speak to her? I really feel for Spain at the moment, they are going through horrendous times, a depression. Hopefully the economy of the Camino helps local economies a bit.

    I love your blog, my Camino was a year ago, starting on 30 May from St Jean, I loved it! Enjoy! I’m hoping to head back to the Way in September. Ultreia!


  2. Eyes to the soul.
    I look forward to your photos and blog Bill…..thank you for bothering to do it.


  3. I echo Robert…. I will miss your daily Camino posts very much! I purposely wait until I am done with my day so I can calmly ready your post and savor the pictures 🙂 Thank you.



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