Day 18++ Respect

Further to my previous post on injuries, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that it's all about respect.

You have to respect the Camino, respect your body, and respect your reasons for walking – whatever those reasons may be.

If you carry that respect with you, then the Camino will be a time of joy.



4 thoughts on “Day 18++ Respect

  1. Hardly anyone does anything this physical and this out-of-their-box for anywhere near this long these days. I once spent 19 days gone from home shooting in the National Matches, and by halfway through I had forgotten I had another life! This is quite an extraordinary immersion into an experience long enough to create real change in a human being. I notice you are very close to the 21 day window that is frequently sited as the minimum time to acquire or shed a “habit.” And you seem much less focused on the audience and blogging. I’m assuming that means you are focusing inward.

    How’s the mind-talk going? Any long internal conversations with someone?

    Thanks for your good works!


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