Day 2 – already I am humbled (hard to believe, right?)

Jet lag is pernicious. I've come to that conclusion. It's like a blood sucking mosquito that doesn't want to leave you alone. At least with a mosquito, you can nuke it with Mortein. With jet lag, you just have to let it mess with you until it gets bored.

I didn't sleep well again last night. About 4 hrs sleep, I reckon. Couldn't wait to get out on the road. Did my yoga at 5:30am – the knee seemed ok. Then left the refugio at 6:20am. It was still dark, and so used my head lamp to find my way through a beautiful forest with trees covered in lichen.

My light provided illumination for a young Korean couple who came with me the first 15kms or so. They were strange, which I guess is a national trait. Ergo Korean missile crisis. But I digress… It seemed they were sweethearts, but every now and then they'd stop and have a ding dong barney.

Wonderful how the Camino embues us all with warm gooey love and kindness.

Anyway, the plan was to walk to Espinal and have a coffee. That was something like 6.5kms from where we started. But of course it was too early, and everything was shut. Didn't actually get my coffee, and a jamon tortilla, until about 11am, after having walked about 12 kms. Not going to make that mistake again.

My knee though decided to be painful. Almost from the start, from when I left Roncesvalles, it gave me sharp stabbing pain. I thought once I'd warmed up, it would back off, but it didn't. If anything it got worse.

The day was 20kms of up and down mountains, mostly along bush tracks that were very muddy and slippery. The down sections were very painful on my knee. Going up wasn't so much a problem. I think I'll have to see a doctor or physio or something, because I don't want this pain to spoil this incredible walk.

I'm now in a private pensione in Zubiri. For €30 I've got my own room, wifi, a communal shower and laundry. and a nice comfy bed. I'm hoping that I can get a decent night's sleep and give my knee a good rest.



7 thoughts on “Day 2 – already I am humbled (hard to believe, right?)

  1. Hi Bill. Well done so far. The photos may not show the incline, but give a tantalizing glimpse of the area and the trail. Must be great to be now on route, and especially to get that first climb behind you.
    I’m worried about your knee though. That sharp pain doesn’t sound good. I hope you haven’t damaged your cartilage. You’ll need ice and rest to settle it before it completely tears if that’s the case. And don’t go down hill. And Mum says have you seen a doctor?


    • Thanks Bob, it occurred to me that I haven’t taken any pics of the really tough sections, in part because its impossible to convey in a photo the steepness or difficulty of the climbs (or descent), but also I’m so physically knackered I can’t take a photo, or I don’t want to stop.

      Your idea of ice is a good one, and I might do a rest day in Pamplona tomorrow. I’ll see how the knee holds up today. It’s very swollen right at the back of my knee. Is that cartilage? Nellie suggested a drug Ibuprofen? Is that any good?

      Anyway, only 21kms to Pamplona today, so that’s not too bad. And tell Mum that a doctor would only tell me to rest and put ice on it.


      • Billy,Ibruprofen is an anti inflammatory which will give temporary relief but it may make things worse by masking the pain if you continue to walk on it and do more more damage. You will probably need to rest and see a doctor rather than pushing through with painkillers. I agree with Bob, you need to ice it. Angela x


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