The excuses not to go have started!

Less than a week out from leaving now, and the excuses not to go have started:

  1. I’m not fit enough.
  2. I’m too fit – I’ve already peaked.
  3. My leg hurts from my last 32km training hike.
  4. I can’t get my pack weight down to below 9 kgs.
  5. I’ve eaten too much over Easter.
  6. It’s snowing over there – I didn’t sign up for snow.
  7. I really shouldn’t be taking so much time off work.
  8. I’ve read so many blogs, watched so many YouTube videos, I feel like I’ve already done it.
  9. I like Australia.
  10. I’ll miss five rounds of the footy season.

But the kicker is: Why am I doing this?
And that’s why I have to go.