Full Disclosure

Let me state up front that I’m damaged goods.

I’m not talking about the psychological damage that usually only reveals itself after a couple of bottles of wine. Or when I see a parking cop ticketing my car.

I have two metal plates screwed into my spine, thanks to a car accident many years ago. From that same accident I got a compound fracture of my right leg, which has resulted in a dodgy knee. In my left leg, I have sciatic nerve issues. Yoga helps, but it’s always there.

Oh, and I get nappy rash.

Nah, just kidding.

Well, I’m not entirely kidding. A man’s nether regions, when that man walks a long distance, can be susceptible to skin irritation. But I’m buggered if I’ll use Johnson’s baby powder.

Anyway, with continual walking day after day, these niggles that I’ve accumulated could develop into full-blown injuries, which could slow me up, or sideline me.

I hope not.