PGS – The Film

I’m currently in post production making a film on intuition.

Quite a few years ago, I had an intuitive “intervention” that saved my life.

I was working in New Orleans on a movie, and I had to drive to the airport early one morning to catch a flight back to LA. It was before sunrise, the streets were empty, and as I was approaching an intersection, I heard a voice that told me to slow down.

I was running late for the flight, and if anything I wanted to speed up to make sure I got through the intersection on the green light. But this voice was insistent, and so I slowed down. As I entered the intersection a massive truck ran a red light on the cross street, and missed me by inches.

If that voice hadn’t told me to slow down, and if I hadn’t listened to that voice, then I have no doubt I would have been killed.Ever since I’ve been fascinated by intuition, and I’ve wondered what that voice was, where did it come from, and why was my life saved.

And so now I’m making a film to not only answer those questions, but to also learn more about intuition, and to find out how I can bring my intuition into my every day decision making.

Here is a 4 minute video explaining what I’m doing –


As the video states, I’ve come to believe that we each have within us a guiding mechanism that tries to keep us safe, and on our path in life.

I’ve called it our Personal Guidance System, or PGS.

I started production in India in September 2014. I’ve since been gathering interviews and visual material from all over the world – not only India but Italy, Turkey, the United States, Canada, the Outback of Australia, and most recently Bhutan, where I interviewed the Prince of Bhutan, and shot at some very remote locations.

Essentially I’m looking at intuition from three perspectives – the spiritual, the religious, and the scientific.

So far I’ve interviewed more than 60  people, including one of India’s most revered living saints, a Buddhist scholar from the Dalai Lama Temple, theologians from the Vatican, an antiquarian librarian from Florence, a young university student from Dallas, a British born Hindu Swami from the holy city of Haridwar on the Ganges, the head of the University of Medical Intuition in San Francisco, the head of the Yoga Institute in Bombay, one of the world’d top neuroscientists in Missouri, a former research psychiatrist-turned-spiritualist from LA, a leader of the Whirling Dervishes in Konya Turkey, one of America’s top TV psychics, renowned intuitive Caroline Myss, in Northern California I interviewed one of the world’s leading research scientists delving into the physics and metaphysics of human consciousness – amongst many others.

And what I’m discovering, in speaking to all these people, is that there’s a basic consensus amongst them all as to what intuition is, and where it comes from – it’s just that they use their own particular language in discussing and describing it.

As for me, I’ve been an independent filmmaker for more than 30 years. I’ve produced and directed 15 feature films and over 40 hrs of documentary. I’ve won numerous awards, including Australian Film Institute Awards (Aussie “Oscars”) for Best Picture and Best Director, and two Logies (Aussie “Emmys”) for my documentary work.

My films have screened in Official Selection at Cannes, New York, Berlin, London, Toronto and various other film festivals. I’ve had three major international retrospectives – in the US, Germany and India.

In 2013 I walked the Camino de Santiago – and I walked it intuitively. I then wrote a book called THE WAY, MY WAY, which has now become something of a best seller for Camino pilgrims. Here’s a link to the Amazon site:


The film – called INTUITION IS YOUR PERSONAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM – will hopefully be released at 4:44pm on 4/4 – fourth of April – in 2018.

I’ll continue to post updates on this site.

© Bill Bennett

15 thoughts on “PGS – The Film

  1. Hi Bill,

    Brian Semple here. Was good to hear from you the other day and wish you the best for reat of walk.

    While reading your wonderful blogs and noticed this thing called PGS in the menu so I had a look. You say you are going to be making a film on intuition. Sounds really interesting and wondered if by any chance I could be involved on the editing side or production side.

    I believe very much in intuition and try to trust in it as much as possible. I’m also a great believer in that we all meet people or are in certain situations for a reason either to learn or to point us in a certain direction. I try to live my life with this.

    Anyway, I could rave on for ages, but if you are looking for an editor, maybe you could keep me in mind.


    Brian Semple


  2. This is a very relevant film project you are undertaking. The balance or battle between intuition and fear is something that has been in my mind especially lately as whenever life events steer anyone into trouble we re-assess whether we knew beforehand we were supposed to stop and re-assess. Often times I realize I was warned. It’s hard to know, when there has been difficulty, whether the voice within is still the PGS pilot or some terrorist that has commandeered the controls: fear. In several moments in your writings you point out that fear must not be let in, that calm must prevail in every step and observation, in the mind’s dialog. So true. Thanks again for your recorded journey.


  3. Please. .I encourage you with this film as I will be waiting impatiently to watch it. Your blogs have been most informative as I intended to do the same distance walk as you have just completed. ..congratulations, with thanks and regards, Nerida


  4. Mr. Bennett,
    Thoroughly enjoyed The Way, My Way – thank you for sharing your trek. You made me laugh and feel like I was there at times. I’m researching a 10-12 day Camino trip now for our 25th wedding anniversary in October ’16. My older son and I have discussed a Camino Francis trek in early ’17 after his graduation from college. Your research and pre-movie trailer on PGS is very interesting, we’ve all had that little voice speak to us at times. Not speaking for other firefighters, but we use intuition every time we enter a structure fire where we can’t see through the smoke and darkness. We size up the structure before we go-in noting it’s size, floors, use, occupancy, age, windows/doors, position/direction and history. Also noting the dispatch report, further en-route/on-scene information, past experiences and aid of a thermal imaging camera – but we primarily use our intuition to help blindly guide us through to search for victims and/or the seat of the fire. I look forward to your movie on PGS and again, I enjoyed your book! Jake


    • Dear Jacob – thank you very much for posting here, and for your kind words. October is a wonderful time for walking the Camino – cool, and not too many crowds. You’ll have a great time. Thank you also for your thoughts on PGS, and in particular, firefighting. There is a well known account of a particular incident where an experienced firefighter used his “intuition” to save a family. It’s detailed in Gary Klein’s book – I think it’s THE POWER OF INTUITION. And also in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, BLINK. Also I think in Professor (and Nobel Laureate) Daniel Kahneman’s book, THINKING FAST AND SLOW.

      This though is a particular type of intuition. It’s informed by experience and learning. The kind of intuition I’m exploring in PGS is the type that comes out of nowhere – that isn’t informed by experience, learning, rational thought, or logic. In other words, if your firefighter wasn’t a firefighter, but say a parent intuiting how to get his or her child out of a burning house, and intuitively knows which way to go, then that’s the kind of intuition I’m interested in in my film – not an intuition aided by prior knowledge, no matter how subsumed that might be.

      If you like the book can you put a review up on Amazon? It helps…

      Thanks – and good luck with your preparations on next year’s Camino. Check in here and let us know how you’re going…


    • Thanks Lydia – welcome to the blog!

      Yes the film is coming along well. We hope to have it completed later this year.

      The NZ Carers Portuguese Camino is all completo – meaning full up!! – and we’re doing that in May. It should be a wonderful experience.



  5. Thank you for getting in touch so quickly.
    I considered doing the Portuguese Way this time but now I’m planning for the Via Francigena later this year.

    I will keep an eye on the blog for new developments.

    Many thanks,


  6. Mr. Bennet:

    I am looking forward eagerly to your film on intuition and wish you the best of success in this important venture.

    I am sure you already have, but if you haven’t, you should consider including something on S. Ramanujan, the Indian mathematician of early 20th century. All the marvelous formulas he conjured in his mind, which till today continue to baffle mathematicians around the world by their sheer complexity, he attributes to pure intuition, rather than through a systematic and vigorous series of steps and proofs. The new movie out there on him, “The Man Who Knew Infinity” (casting Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel) is quite worth seeing.


    • Thanks for this Siva. Pure mathematics at the highest level, which is what this man dealt with, brings to mind intuition, yes. Which is why Einstein was such an advocate of intuition.


  7. Hi Mr Bennett,
    a friend of mine in Mudgee brought your film to my attention.
    Living by my intuition has been a way of life for me. I published a book last year called Letters To Grace-The Angel Diaries, a journal about my experiences with intuition, or also known as my guardian angel Grace. I am currently writing a novel about the multiple dimensions of the spirit world, which is based on my ‘other wordly’ experiences whilst travelling New Zealand.
    What an amazing journey this has been for you! And how wonderful to be sharing it with others.

    Thank You!
    Monica Page.


    • Hi Monica –

      Many thanks for making contact! Your book sounds fascinating. Can I ask, are you Mudgee based? Or elsewhere? We are looking for people to host screenings in their towns or districts. Bill



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