What makes you unique?

We’re all unique.

Each and every one of us.

We each have unique skills, aptitudes, likes and dislikes. We each see the world through different eyes.

Yes, we might be tribal about certain stuff – we might find ourselves in accord with others on various issues, or share similar behavioural traits, but none off us is the same.

We’re all unique.

If ever you find yourself confused as to your purpose in life – what path to follow – determine what it is that makes you unique, then follow that path.

We each have something unique to contribute to the world – to humanity. What you contribute will be unique to you.

Revel in your uniqueness.

It’s what makes you you!

3 thoughts on “What makes you unique?

  1. Thanks Bill – I needed that today – I am at an extreme low ebb in my life – things aren’t looking good inside my head. So … I shall endeavour to find, in the depths of my very self, that uniqueness that you talk of. The very best to you, Jennifer and your family. Best Greg

    Greg Fitzgerald Wentworth Falls Australia 2782 0409818217



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