End of year Audit and hopes for 2020!

As followers of this blog know, at this time each year I do an audit of what I achieved this past year, pegged against what I said I wanted to achieve – and I set out what I hope to achieve the coming year.

How did I go? Well, as you’ll see from below it’s been another very busy year. I did some, didn’t do some. Here’s what I wanted to achieve in 2019, and what I did achieve –

  • Continue the marketing and promotion of PGS the movie.
    Yes, the marketing and promotion of PGS has been ongoing.
  • Shift into the educational side of PGS, through workshops, and online training.
    Done, sort of. We’ve started up a PGS Study Group with the help of Adriana Cortazzo, but intend to develop the educational side further in 2020 
  • Write the screenplay of THE WAY, MY WAY – and begin casting and financing.
    Done. I wrote the screenplay – I now have Australian/New Zealand distribution in place, a Spanish co-production partner, and a US sales agent/financier on board.
  • Complete the manuscript of the third in the Palace of Fires trilogy – BEAST.
    Done. I completed the manuscript – 110k words. A big book. And it’s a cracker of a finale to the trilogy.
  • Penguin Random House will publish BEAST.
    Done. It was published earlier this year.
  • I will write my next book, a thriller called Again, I Die.
    Done – sort of. I’m almost finished – currently at 85k words. The final manuscript will end up being about 100k words. I will have the ms completed, with revisions, by end of February.
  • I will commence production on my theatrical feature documentary on fear.
    Done. Have now shot more than 30 interviews, mostly in the US, and already have nearly 50hrs of footage.

So what do I hope to achieve in 2020? I’m not slowing down, that’s for sure!

  • Complete the manuscript of Again, I Die.
  • Get Again, I Die published.
  • Complete production of Fear – the Movie. 
  • Commence development of a TV series based on my feature film KISS OR KILL.
  • Commence production of DEFIANT, the feature film based on the true story of a double honour killing in India.
  • Get THE WAY, MY WAY cast and financed.
  • Write the manuscript for a new book on intuition.
  • Produce a Masterclass based around the book.
  • Get PGS out wider into culture.
  • Spend more time meditating.

In amongst all that I want to go visit exotic places, meet wonderful people and renew/refresh friendships, and have fun with my extraordinary life partner Jennifer.

8 thoughts on “End of year Audit and hopes for 2020!

    • Thanks Britta – the auto correct tried to call you Brittany again!! Haha. Many thanks for your lovely words – and hoping you have a wonderful 2020!

      With love,


  1. Dear Bill and Jen,
    You always amaze me at the number of things you can pack into a year. I stand in awe.
    Hopefully, PGS and Fear will rake off like wildfire. PGS is fantastic. Can’t wait to read book three of Palace of Fires when it gets released here. If not, I’ll pick up a copy in Australia next year when we visit Oz. Anxiously awaiting the making and release of The Way, My Way it should be a cracker as you Aussies say.
    What would you, a world traveler already, consider as exotic places to visit?
    Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer!!! Just the best!
    Many hugs to you both


    • Hi Lynda, many thanks for your very generous words here. There’s no way I could do what I do without Jennifer. She allows me to be as productive as I am, and with her help I’m able to do work at the standard that I aspire to!

      Exotic places? Iceland, Albania, Africa. For starters!!

      Love to you both!


    • Thanks Julian. Yes we’re ok here in Mudgee. The nearest fires are 70kms away, and our town is surrounded by vineyards which act as a buffer should the fires get closer. But the bushfires are quite horrific further south.


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