PGS & the missing credit card ~

I’m in America now and I’ve been traveling from screening to screening, doing Q&As. The film continues to sell out, and continues to have an enormous impact on a lot of people.

This post isn’t about that –
It’s about how my intuition saved my butt..
In particular, how it saved me from driving 400 miles.

Let me paint the scenario:

Last Sunday Jennifer and I checked out of our hotel after a screening in Sacramento the previous night.  It had been a late night – a post screening dinner with the movie hosts, and Jennifer and I had uncharacteristically slept in a bit that following morning.

That particular day we had to drive to Mount Shasta, which was a 200+ mile drive. We were going to stay overnight with our good friends Michael and Raphaelle Tamura, who live there.

Usually when I have a long drive ahead of me I like to get a coffee on the road after we’ve laid down a few miles.

That morning my intuition told me that I should have a coffee straight away – before I left Sacramento, even though my logic said it would be better to get on the road fast, beat the traffic, and find a Starbucks somewhere down the highway.

I listened to my intuition –
– and as it so happened, there was a Starbucks right around the corner.

I ordered two coffees and a bagel which Jennifer and I would share. The bill came to $11:34.

Normally when I have a bill this small I pay by cash – but that morning strangely my intuition told me to pay by card.

I listened to my intuition –
– pulled out my wallet, and discovered that my credit card was missing.
This was the card that I would need for the next 7 weeks of my journey.

I checked all the pockets of my trousers, my shirt, and finding nothing I went back out to the car and checked the pockets of the jacket that I’d been wearing the previous day.


I tracked back to the last time I had used the card, and remembered that it was the previous night at dinner, at a restaurant that was only five minutes away. I immediately called them and yes, they had the card.

What a relief.

But here’s the thing – had I not listened to my intuition when it hit twice – first telling me I should have coffee straight away, and then telling me I should pay by card and not cash, it’s quite conceivable I could have driven 200mls to Mount Shasta before discovering my card was missing. Then I would have had to drive 200mls back to the restaurant and 200mls back to Mount Shasta. An additional round trip of 400mls.

The restaurant wouldn’t have posted it forward without an in-person ID check.

Intuition works in small subtle ways. I’ve learned now to follow and trust it, even when it’s concerning seemingly trivial things, like paying with a card and not cash.

I’m attuned to it now – and I see it for what it is. Other people might say that I was just really lucky – and dismiss it. But as Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, says in my movie:

“There’s no luck about it. I’m working on my intuition!”

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