White Witches & Black Witches ~

Next week I will be publishing my first novel.

It’s called White Witch : Black Witch / Initiate. It’s the first of a planned series, and whilst I’ll be self publishing initially, I hope to pick up a publisher. Or a literary agent. Preferably both.

It’s been eight years in the making – and goodness knows how many rewrites and drafts. I’ve had to learn a completely new set of skills. Writing a novel is totally different to any other kind of writing – particularly screenplay writing.

During all the years I worked on the manuscript I told no-one, other than my family, and a few close and trusted friends. No-one else has known that I’ve been tooling away on this story, and developing my craft, for so long.

Finally though I decided to tidy it up and get it out while I’ve got a bit of breathing space with my intuition film. I think I’m going to be very busy next year with the film.

I’m writing it under the name: W Calder Bennett. My full name is William Arthur Calder Bennett. I’m doing this so that there’s a clear distinction between my work as a novelist and my work as a film writer and director, for which I’m known as Bill Bennett, of course.

Here below is the cover of the book. The design was done by a very talented young lass named Cass Gaunson at Carnival Studios, under the supervision of Demi Hopkins. Demi and his team designed the covers of my two other books – The Way, My Way, and Photo Camino. 

For those on this blog, if you’re interested, I’ll send you a Kindle copy gratis once it’s published – probably next weekend. All I ask is that you write a review on Amazon and Goodreads when you finish.

Let me know if you want a copy –


30 thoughts on “White Witches & Black Witches ~

  1. You never cease to truly amaze. Wow, what else don’t we know! Are you a closet fashion designer, professional singer/songwriter?
    On a more personal note, I think I am a white witch so I would love to read your book. Congrats and like everything you touch I’m sure it will be a success! Way to go! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • haha – thanks Jill. I’ll send you a Kindle copy when it’s up. Fingers crossed it finds an audience. And as for what else… haha… no, I keep to story. That’s hard enough! 🙂


  2. Oui oui oui please send me a copy, and congratulations and bonne chance mon ami.
    You are incredible.How do you manage do do every thing?


  3. Looking forward to the read….finally! Now you might think why l said that…as much as you kept this close to your chest… you mentioned this once before, early on during your time on your Camino Frances…in a blog response to one of my postings.

    Have been waiting….Light and Love. Ingrid


  4. You are kind of super human Bill—do you know how to stop time so you can do things while the rest of us are in a suspended state??! I have trouble sometimes just getting my list of errands done in a day. It’s quite remarkable what you have the interest and energy for. Hurray!
    Can’t wait to get the book! xoxox

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    • Totally agree. Hadn’t thought of it before but maybe rather than super human powers, maybe he is an alien as it is not humanly possible to accomplish all that he does in a day.


      • haha – Lynda, I am gobsmacked by some people I know who REALLY work hard, and who don’t waste a moment. It’s just about how you apportion your time, and what priorities you set yourself…


    • Hi Kathryn – it helps that I live in a small country town, with few distractions, and now Jennifer and I don’t have children to worry about any more. Plus I love what I do… Will send you a book when it’s up on Kindle..


  5. Ah, success. Have a new hard drive and have to reset all my settings.

    Bill, you are an amazing, accomplished man and an inspiration to all the rest of us. Can’t wait for it to come out so that I can see what the other side of your brain is like. 🙂


    • I think we had a glimpse of the other side of Bill’s brain on the Portuguese Camino Steve – thanks to those bottles of white port!!!
      And it wasn’t always a pretty sight!!!


  6. Congratulations Bill!
    Very exciting for you and for us readers. Book cover is awesome. Have you started the second in the trilogy? Don’t what you slacking off……..
    Janet xo

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