Dallas / back in the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays

I’m back in the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays of Dallas.

For those of you familiar with this blog, a Vedic Astrologer in Bombay last year told me that I had to come to Dallas Texas, and spend as much time as possible over the next eleven years in the Cosmic Rays, and if I did, then certain things would happen:

  1. I would do something that would be of great help to mankind.
  2. I would be treated like a King and afforded universal respect.
  3. I would acquire lands and elephants
  4. I would acquire more wealth than I would know what to do with
  5. I would donate my newly acquired wealth to the service of mankind

Pretty impressive list, huh?
I like them all, except #5.

For those of you who followed my adventures in Dallas last year when I first came to bathe in the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays, you might remember that some remarkable things happened, including my being approached by a beautiful woman who claimed she was my Guardian Angel.

At the time, that seriously unsettled me, because there was something quite ethereal and other-wordly about her that made me not discount her as a loony. On the contrary, I actually believed her, because I could find no other reasonable explanation for her telling me what she told me. And now, some six months later, I’m still convinced that I had some contact with a spirit that was sent to give me advice.

If you want to read those blogs, a good place to start is:

So now I’ve come back to Dallas.
Not to chase down that Guardian Angel…
…but to meet Mr. Trammell Crow again.

Mr. Trammell Crow is the very eccentric billionaire that I met last time. We spent about 3 hours with him at his mansion, and he wanted to know all about the film. He’s a staunch environmentalist – he’s a big supporter of Earth Day – and he has an Art Museum in downtown Dallas that specialises in Asian Art. They also hold daily (and free) meditation classes there. So Mr. Crow has interests in Eastern spiritualism.

He’s asked to meet again at his mansion later in the week. I have no expectations. i will not be elated if he agrees to invest, nor will I be disappointed if he decides not to invest. It really doesn’t matter. The right thing will happen for the film. It’s out of my control.

The thing about this film – it’s making itself.
It chooses who will be involved.
I really don’t have much say in it.

Right from the start, I’ve said that there is only one rule in the making of this film – it has to be made intuitively. As long as I keep my hand very gently on the tiller, I know that everything will work out. If I try to grip the tiller and point the film one way or another, then I know that things will very quickly go awry.

So hang tight, because for the next several weeks, Jennifer and I and some other folk who’ll be joining us shortly will be criss-crossing this giant country, filming with some extraordinary people who will tell us their views on intuition.

The film is building a momentum now which is unstoppable. And the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays of Dallas Texas are aiding and abetting…

Dallas US flag

12 thoughts on “Dallas / back in the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays

  1. I can’t wait to see the movie ..fantastic.
    For sure this making leads you to meet the most interesting people of this planet.
    Maybe you will stay in Dallas.Hum let’s see.To be continued.


    • It’s one of the joys of this job Marie, that we get to meet and talk at length to some pretty extraordinary people – yourself being one of them!!


  2. Bill,
    I love it when people follow my advice (hee, hee). It’s so validating.
    I hope you’re enjoying the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays. Be careful in Dallas. You never know what might happen to you there!
    I’m working through the book (and thanks again). A review will be coming soon.
    I only have 47 days until I fly to Paris!
    Take care,

    OK, now that I have read this, there are entirely too many ‘I’s in it. But what’s to be done?


    • Hey Rebecca, thanks for a review – that will be cool! And good luck with your last stage preparations for your trip. You must be getting very excited! Dallas continues to be beneficial in the Cosmic Rays department!


  3. Best, BEST wishes to you and Jen for every success with the filming Bill. I hope that there will be those wonderful ‘light bulb moments’ and inspiration in each and every interview.
    Take joy in every moment –
    Jenny x x


    • Jenny, than you for your very kind wishes. These next bunch of interviews coming up are going to be pretty spesh, that’s for sure!

      Hope that shoulder is getting better!


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    • Thanks George. Getting to like this place. Things happen here that don’t seem to happen elsewhere. Weird. But then again, so are the Cosmic Rays!


  4. Hello Bill. I read your Angel encounter and it gave me goose bumps. If I hadn’t met you tonight, I wouldn’t know what to think…but now…well, let’s just say I think you and Jennifer are intriguing and genuine and two of the few people in this world who I think are really starting to “get it!!” I can’t wait to read more and hope to spend more time with the two of you!
    Buen Camino in the big D my new friends!!!

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    • Dear Sue, how wonderful to meet you at last after everything that Steve had told us about you. We connected instantly, right? Like we’d known each other for years! As for Jen and me, we’re just trying to make sense of the Universe, that’s all! And there’s a lot to make sense of. But each day we learn, and each day we make mistakes – as do we all. You just try to work towards a time when you make fewer mistakes, and when those mistakes you do make take you to transcendence. That’s called living a life I guess…

      I hope we meet up again soon.


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