iPhone photography on the Camino…

I have been off air these past few weeks because I’ve had my head down working – lining up filming for the PGS film. We move into our next phase of filming very soon now – in the Outback of Australia, and then across to Turkey – and I’ve also been finishing off the PHOTO CAMINO book, which is now prepping for publication.

I thought you might be interested in this link below, posted on the Apple website page, showing recent photos taken with the iPhone 6.

They’re stunning.

In the PHOTO CAMINO book I devote an entire chapter to discussing the pros and cons of using an iPhone or smartphone as your principal camera on the Camino. There’s no doubt they can produce some wonderful images, but there are other factors to take into account when considering the iPhone for a Camino.

Here now is the link to the Apple gallery – it’s worth a look…



10 thoughts on “iPhone photography on the Camino…

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos Bill – incredible to think you can take photos of this quality with your phone.
    Cheers – Jenny


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