Dallas – Day 12 / pt1

Strange things happening –

  • A technical glitch in a key PGS interview which requires me to go back and reshoot. The reshoot is better, way better. Thank you technical glitch. I wouldn’t have got this great stuff otherwise
  • A park right outside the front of a Mexican cafe – three times in a row now, same spot. It’s normally impossible to park on this street, but each time I’ve driven up, someone pulls out right in front of me, allowing me to park in the spot they’ve just vacated. And each time it’s right outside the front of the door. One is fortuitous, twice is coincidence, three times is miraculous.
  • I had an inexplicable desire to drive to Plano, a suburb in north Dallas. Because I am being intuitively led on this film, I drove there. While there I learn that the next interviewee, instead of being way down south, is in the suburb next to Plano. We meet her and in the course of our conversation, she makes a crucial call to a possible major investor. If I hadn’t been in Plano and got to her before close of business, that call would never have happened.

Joni today connected me with a very important lady in the Indian community. She in turn has connected me with someone who is one of the wealthiest men in Dallas. We have a meeting tomorrow. This man could finance my film from his petty cash tin.

We’ll see how things pan out tomorrow.

Today though was all about an interview I did for the intuition film with a senior member of the International Society of Krisha Consciousness. I would say that it stands alongside Swamiji Chidanand in Delhi as being amongst the best interviews I’ve shot so far.

Wise, articulate, and with a common sense logic, the man spoke about how intuition plays such a crucial role in our daily lives. Strangely for a religious leader, he was very scornful of organised religion. He said the reason that most people in the west, and many in the east too, are disillusioned with religion is that many so-called leaders are frauds, and some are charlatans. Religion has let them down. They would prefer to embrace spirituality instead.

I can’t tell you everything that’s going on right now, but I’ll just say that because I’ve come to Dallas, several things are moving on several fronts. It’s very exciting.

Jennifer and I had dinner with an old friend and her son, who is a 20 year old college student. I gave him some advice before we parted this evening. I said to him:

No-one ever changed the world by having a job. 

He in turn gave me this advice:

To go south of the border you need to go west of the sun. 

Tomorrow I’ll put up a post telling you honestly how I feel. And what I believe. I have been a bit demur up to now – afraid that you might think I’ve gone woo woo whacko.

Maybe I am –

me with cowboy

4 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 12 / pt1

  1. I like the deep red ‘cloth’ (as it’s called in Danish) – better, I think (hmmm, contemplating here …) than the bright green one in the interview with Joni 🙂 And during all this time, what with connecting with otherworldly creatures, you’ve never heard of the ‘parking god’?!!! 🙂


    • I like the red scarf too – but also the green one. The green one is what I wear on the Camino, that colour. Or close to it. And yes, my parking critters have been very active lately!!


  2. Bill no one changes the world being normal.so be whacky and do not worry about what we could think about you.


    • Haha – thanks Marie. Yes, Steve Jobs was not normal. I’m not putting myself in that category, by any means, but just saying that I agree with your sentiments!



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