Prediction – a second opinion

Yesterday I got a second opinion on the prediction I received several weeks ago from the Indian astrologer, Dr. Bimal Bhatt.

Dr. Bhatt told me that my astrological charts indicated that:

  • I had a message to give to the world
  • The message would be of great benefit to humanity.
  • That as a consequence i would acquire immense wealth.
  • But I would use this wealth for the betterment of mankind.
  • I would be treated like a king and afforded great respect.
  • I would become involved with powerful and influential people

The Dallas Vedic Astrologer, Joni Patry, did her own calculations based on the birth details I gave Dr. Bhatt, and she came up with essentially the same prediction.

She said this wasn’t surprising – if the charts are done right then they should be the same. But she said she was amazed at my chart. Rarely does she prepare such a chart as mine.

I filmed a short summation of what she told me.
Here is the Vimeo link:

Joni Patry’s summary of my chart 

Joni cu 2

1 thought on “Prediction – a second opinion

  1. I know if I were in your shoes my biggest challenge would be to maintain an attitude of humility. I have learned though the years that when I occasionally try to grab the “power” from the Divine, things don’t go my way. God is always trying to remind me who is the master choreographer of my life.

    PS: Joni looks like she could be your sister, Bill.


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