Dallas – Day 2 / pt2

Today was all about the Prince of Bhutan.

Yes, the Prince of Bhutan.

Bhutan is a small country way up in the Himalayas, near Tibet and Nepal.

Bhutan 2

Bhutan is reputed to be the happiest place on earth.

The Prince’s brother is the King.

What does the Prince of Bhutan have to do with me and Dallas?

You’ll have to wait to find out.

Today was weird.

Through circumstances which will have to wait for the film, I found myself outside the big Cathedral in downtown Dallas.

It’s called the Cathedral Guadalupe. It was built in 1895.

The Indian astrologer had said that I should go to the biggest church I could find, to let the Gods know that I was being respectful.

I’d forgotten that he’d told me that, and only remembered when I happened to drive past this magnificent old church.


I parked and walked inside.

The Cathedral was enormous, with exquisite stained glass windows and an elegantly simple altar.

It had a powerful vibe.

I meditated at the altar, and that’s when the Prince of Bhutan kicked in.

I can’t say more at this stage.

I’m not being cute, and I’m not joking.

bhutan 3

Today the sky was bright blue, the air sharp and crystalline.

Perfect for beneficial cosmic rays.

The motel owner’s name is Nick.

He has teeth like a Port Jackson shark.


They changed the towels.

Under duress.

I like this place.

But I like Bhutan better.

It’s a happy place…


9 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 2 / pt2

    • I’ve always wanted to go to Bhutan Britta – ever since I heard that it was the happiness place on earth.

      I want to know why it’s such a happy place.

      Maybe they don’t have wifi…


  1. Bill, I’m gripped by your adventure.
    When you are murdered in hideous Dallas, as you very likely soon will be, I will say, ah well… it was in Bill’s stars


    • Love your writing style Patrick.
      Truly do.
      You have a real talent.
      Reminiscent of Hemingway.
      You’re a journo too.
      And most probably you drink.
      But I don’t wish to work in stereotype.
      If I get murdered, will you read a eulogy?
      And Dallas isn’t hideous, it’s beautiful.
      I love it.
      Great cosmic rays here mate…


  2. Do you think Nick is prepared for the surge in traffic to his motel, from your followers? Especially if your fortunes turn out as good as predicted! Hmmm – maybe you go into partnership with him (you being the marketing guru) and THAT is the source of the expected wealth. You would have to spend quite a while there at the motel to oversee things. Not sure where the Prince fits into this theory, though.


    • Hey Clare, I don’t think Nick likes the limelight somehow. I think he has a past. We all have a past, but i suspect Nick’s is more colourful than most. And as for the Prince of Bhutan, well, the Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays will soon reveal all.


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