The Science of Consciousness

Yesterday was a big day –

It began with interviews for PGS with Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberly. They are makers of the feature length documentary Thrive, which has been hugely successful world wide, and spawned the global Thrive Movement, which in part is attempting to make governments accountable, and to make this world a better place for us all.

Foster is a Princeton graduate, scientifically trained, and as an Aikido Master he’s spent his life exploring the connections between science and spirituality. He’s lived his life intuitively, to great success, and his interview was truly fabulous. He’s smart, articulate, knowledgeable, credible.

Equally so is Kimberly, who came at the subject from her perspective of being an experienced and accomplished journalist. It was refreshing to get these two interviews that were grounded in a rational logic.

I then drove up to Redwood City to meet with a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist. He was attending a two day conference called the Social Innovation Summit. Here is their mission statement:

The Social Innovation Summit brings together top executives and thought leaders from around the globe to discuss opportunities for leveraging technology & innovation to affect social change.

The fellow I met was writing code for Steve Jobs when they were making the Apple IIe. He’s been around a while, and been hugely successful.

We talked for over an hour about PGS, and he asked me a bunch of very insightful questions. We have agreed to continue the dialogue.

I then drove across the Golden Gate Bridge up to Petaluma, north of San Francisco, to meet with Dr. Dean Radin, Chief Scientist with the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Here is the Institute’s “About…”

The Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, is a nonprofit research and educational organization whose mission is to support individual and collective transformation through consciousness research. “Noetic” comes from the Greek word “nous,” which means “intuitive mind” or “inner knowing.”  The Institute conducts and collaborates on leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness, exploring phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor.

Edgar Mitchell, the founder of the Institute, was the sixth man to walk on the moon. Evidently when he was returning to earth after his space mission, he had a moment of epiphany which he said later was like samadhi – a moment of enlightenment – where everything was clear and connected and understandable.

On the basis of that moment he started the Noetic Sciences Institute.

Dr. Radin is one of America’s leading research scientists, and the author of several best selling books on the science of consciousness, including the book which I’ve just finished, Supenormal. In this book he scientifically researches the claimed “super-normal” facilities which advanced yogis profess to possess, including clairvoyance, precognition, telekinesis, remote viewing, and even levitation.

Yesterday he took Jennifer and myself into his research lab at the Institute, and showed us an instrument with which he’s been able to demonstrate scientifically that mind can impact on matter. In other words, our thoughts can shift and alter things.


I will come back after Dallas and film at the Institute, and interview him.

Today I’m driving back to LA to have back-to-back meetings with investors. And tomorrow our Indian assistant, Ratshit… dammit… I mean RACHIT…. flies in from Delhi. He’s going to be helping us in Dallas, which is now only two days away.


Interestingly, late yesterday over a cup of coffee I had a fascinating conversation with Dr. Radin about astrology. He confirmed that there’s a scientific basis for believing that our solar system has a binary equivalent – another solar system – which it revolves around. This would explain, he said, the unusual orbits of the outer planets such as Pluto.

We concluded our conversation yesterday with him saying that scientists simply don’t know so much. They’re constantly coming up with theories, but they don’t know. They are decades, even centuries, away from truly knowing what’s going on. They’re constantly playing catchup, and debunking anything that threatens their fundamental understandings. Which of course is what’s holding them back.

And holding US back too.

I’ve come to America to explore the science of intuition, and yesterday I made a good start.

(Dr. Dean Radin – photo)



9 thoughts on “The Science of Consciousness

  1. BIll, how very interesting. After reading this post, I felt a prompting to open the Noetic Science link and found a very intriguing article about the Metaphysics of the Tea Ceremony. Of course I had to read it. Boy does it make sense.

    Insitently, just yesterday, I was discussing the idea of what would happen if I were to Reiki my tea before a ceremony. You might recall that I mentioned taking my ceremonial tea set on my Camino and performing tea ceremonies when it felt ‘right’. It felt so much more powerful on the Camino, simple because I believe that pilgrims (for the most part) are grateful and walk with an open heart.

    My recent and ongoing journey into Reiki, has of course opened up a whole new understanding of why I always feel such peace performing a ceremony. Just the movements alone, transport you into a meditative state, not only for myself, but also the observer (at least that is what I have been told).

    I have always believed that there is an energy of awareness transmitted from the tea maker to the tea drinker. Intuitively, I always set intentions of light, love and wellbeing into the ceremony. “From my heart, to my hands, to your hands into your heart”. No wonder the ceremony is so powerful.

    I must admit, there is alot you write about these days, that kind of go over my head. But this post struck a core and I am most grateful to you.

    Light and Love as always. Ingrid


    • Hi Ingrid,

      Wow, that’s fascinating the there’s an article on that. They do some very interesting stuff, that institute.

      Sorry though that a lot of what I’ve been writing about lately goes over your head.

      I have to be aware to make my writing more accessible.


      ____________________ Bill Bennett +61 412 944 777


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      • Bill, keep writing the way you need to keep writing.. rest rest of us, will catch up in time…lol ❤


        • Haha – sometimes I need to explore the complexities to find the simplicity. I don’t wish to alienate you or anyone else on this blog though. So thank you for the feedback!


  2. Bill:
    Just letting you know that I’m following your adventures and cheering you on. When you get back from Dallas, we know some great Mexican food joints in LA where we could meet for a cerveza or two.


  3. Dear Bill, like Ingrid I don’t always grasp the full meaning of what you’re trying to impart, but I LOVE the journey and am forever grateful (to Jenny, who put me on to your blog) that I’m part of that. So no insightful comment on this particular post, except to say that I hope Rachid doesn’t read it!!!! 🙂 Britta


    • Thanks Britta – I guess I can only do what I do… 🙂 … and some of this stuff I don’t understand either!! But I always find it fascinating.

      And as for Ratshit… er… Rachit, he’s Hindi. He doesn’t read or write or speak English, so I’m safe…

      hee hee….

      bb 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Actually he is fluent in English… he’s a very bright young lad, having studied in a film school in England for three years. Luckily for me he has a very good sense of humour!

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      • Well, Bill, with you as a mentor or mentee (can’t quite make up my mind how this works between you and Rachid) he’d need a good sense of humour 🙂


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