Vedic Astrology – Pt 2

The more I read about Vedic astrology, the more intrigued I become.

I’ve been using two books for initial research: Astrology of the Seers: A guide to Vedic/Hindu Astrology, by Dr. David Frawley. And The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology, by Richard Fish and Ryan Kurczak.

Both books look at Vedic astrology from a western perspective. The first book does so in overview, and is regarded as one of the most authoritative texts on the subject. The second book is more technical, and quickly becomes very complex – but is equally as fascinating.  Let me run through it in broad strokes –

From Frawley:

Astrology is the original science or system of knowledge devised by human beings. – through which the ancient rishis, or seers, were able to comprehend the structure and movement of the universe. It was the science of fate or destiny, used for understanding events on earth, which were seen as originating in the heavens. Astrology shows the cosmic source for the forces working in any field of endeavour.”

“The spiritual cultures of Egypt, Babylonia, India, China and Mexico were founded on the cornerstone of astrology.”

“Time is the original power that rules the universe; all things originate through time. The world is time, and the creation and destruction of the entire universe is present in any moment. The laws of time structure all things.”

“The gods are personifications of time. The first gods of time are the Sun, the Moon and planets that direct the movement of time through this solar system. The gods of the planets are the gods of time. The planets reflect the powers of the cosmic intelligence that rules all things through the force of time.”

“According to modern science, time is not a mere empty continuum. It is a force field determined by the gravity of the objects within it, the foremost of which for us are the Sun and the Moon. The planets possess large magnetic and energetic fields. Though the planets appear in the distant sky, their energy fields are present on Earth, responsible for the formations of the earth life, and our own bodies and minds.”

“Each planet in its orbit both gathers in and gives out forces, transmitting a particular wavelength of energy necessary for the order of the solar system. The movements of the planets determines the nature of the different phases in which we live. It sustains the forces that direct the play of our lives.”

“The Earth, by the movement on its axis, determines the day. The Moon, by its orbit around the earth, determines the month. The Sun, by the earth’s orbit around it, creates the year. As lords of time, the planets are lords of karma, or destiny. We are living in an ocean of cosmic influences transmitted by the planets.”

“The book of life is the book of time, which is the book of the stars…”

 That’s a little starter. I’ll keep posting excerpts from both books –


11 thoughts on “Vedic Astrology – Pt 2

  1. I completely get that astrology, the planets, the universe, etc., have a physical impact, but I have trouble taking it to the aspects of interpersonal relations, finances, successes and failures, etc. I have said before that just because I don’t understand it does not make it any less true. I just have trouble seeing how astrology impacts us personally. I am still learning.


    • Hi Steve – I’m still leaning too – and probably will until the day I die!

      I’ll be posting several more pieces on this topic, so you might get a better understanding by the end.

      My take on it is this (as things stand right now) – it all sounds quite fantastic, however I acknowledge that astrology continues to be very accurate at times at predicting things. Certainly the astrologer’s reading of my past twelve years was bang on. He told me things that had happened that no-one would know. That gave him immediate credibility in my eyes.

      One thing I’ve learnt is not to dismiss anything just because I don’t understand it, or believe it. “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy…” Hamlet.


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  2. I love this.

    Before walking the Camino I had never “felt” the energy. I had heard people talk about it but had never experienced it. I couldn’t believe how strong the energy was along The Way. The longer we walked the more I felt it. And I think that made it harder to leave it. I look forward to the day when I can spend many more weeks walking along the way to have the constant contact with the energy. I’m certainly much more in tune with it now and actively seek the positive energy. I also actively seek to avoid negative energy and people with negative auras.

    I was talking with someone the other day saying that I think we should live our lives with the seasons. We should wake early in summer and go to bed late. Winter should be for hibernation. We shouldn’t be following the same routines day in and day out. We should be more like the tide and follow the ebb and flow from the moon. We should live our lives with the Sun, Moon and planets.

    I love that you are taking this astrology seriously and you have the opportunity to follow it to see how it pans out. Good luck to both of you. Your Camino angel will be by your side and help to guide you.


    • Thanks Donna – I thought that most people reading this blog would think I’ve gone totally woo woo. But I find it really fascinating. I’d never given much thought to astrology before this.

      And as for an energy on the Camino – oh yes – you CAN feel it. And it works on you in the subtlest of ways. You felt it. So too did Greg. Jen and I were daily witnesses to it.

      Hey, really looking forward to seeing you both on Tuesday – Jen said it will be the highlight of her week, but she doesn’t get out much…

      ha ha.

      It’s going to be fun!

      bb xx


      • Quite the contrary. I think it’s fascinating. Just quietly I’m quite envious of you to have had your charts read by such an esteemed person too.

        There is so much we don’t know or understand about the spiritual world. Just because we neither know nor understand it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

        Thanks for the tip on the book, I’ll have a look. I’m reading another great book at the moment. It’s called “The Way, My Way” You should give it a go , it’s quite funny. I think you’d like it. 🙂

        I’m very much looking forward to Tuesday too. I’m a bit scared that this will be the highlight of the week for Jen. I’m guessing she doesn’t have much else to look forward to.

        Talk soon xx


    • Hi Donna – just on your idea about living with the seasons, you should read more about Ayurvedic living. A good start is Deepak Chopra. He’s written a book on it, which I read some time ago – can’t remember the title right now, but you’ll find it easily enough on amazon. I think you’d enjoy reading about Ayurvedic life..

      bb xx


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