donna and greg closer

In the photo above, in last night’s post, I said Greg and Debbie got a little lost in a bar.

Actually it’s Greg and Donna.

I was very tired lat night, and didn’t end up publishing that post until just before midnight – so I apologise for the mistake. I’ve gone back and corrected it.

Also the comments you’re all making are fabulous, thank you – and we all read them avidly.

There will be times on this Camino when it might take me a few days to reply, but I will reply – it might just not be straight away, because the demands on my time are quite acute.

We’re all having a really great time. It’s a wonderful bunch of people. That’s what’s making this very special.

Also, for that bloke on the beach having sex – and thinking I’m a pervert – here’s a photo just for you mate…

memorial on the beach


14 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Bill, Loved your description of the beach -I’m sure it wasn’t a typo!!
    Actually Greg’s mum picked it up – must have been a proof reader in another life.


  2. Enjoying your posts, Bill. What a fine group you have. The weather looks fabulous and I’m hoping for the same as my son and I leave tomorrow to start the CF in O’Cebreiro on 4/12.

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    • Hi Jill,

      Good for you, to be doing the CF with your son. What an experience you’ll both have!

      Travel safe, and I hope you have a great Camino!



  3. Hi,Bill. I love your photos……..Vade mecum- go with me. Name for your group? Would like to come along next time you go…..Looking forward for more posts


    • Hi Hilde,

      Not sure there’ll be a next time, but thank you – and for the name suggestion too – altho some of the group have realised that going with me is not such a good idea!!



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