Guest Post – Anne / apology

This always happens when I blog before I’ve had coffee!

I spelt Anne’s surname incorrectly when I first posted her guest blog – in fact I realised just as the blog was going online, and tried to stop it, but WordPress can be resolute.

So I quickly corrected it – (Maddock, not Maddox) – and my apologies to her.

Now I’m off to have my double espresso, and make Jennifer laugh.

Should be easy this morning, I’m such a moron…


4 thoughts on “Guest Post – Anne / apology

  1. Join the club Bill! I can’t even get out of bed without a cup of tea! Thanks to my wonderfully kind and long-suffering husband Steve for making it!


  2. Bill, no problem. Apology not required.
    I have my daily coffee before I go to work as I am not sure when the next opportunity will arise. It gets me going. The time seems to get swallowed up with 101 other demands once I walk into the office.
    My staff know, however, that if I am having a coffee at 4.00 p.m. it is a good idea to give me a wide berth as it is an indicator of the day I have had!!
    Jenny, I am so looking forward to my first cafe con leche. It will no doubt be a precious memory for an avid coffee drinker [ we included a built in coffee machine in our kitchen reno a couple of years ago.]
    I once read a great quote: “Life is too short to drink instant coffee!” I so agree.


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